Meditation & Relaxation! 130 Traffic Cops Blend Mind, Body & Soul through New age Music

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Meditation & Relaxation! 130 Traffic Cops Blend Mind, Body & Soul through New age Music conducted by ‘UNITED CONSCIOUSNESS’ Team led by Marvin Fernandes of Frequen-C, at the Deer Park, opposite Kadri Park, Mangaluru

 Mangaluru: It was not cacophonous horns or the emission from vehicles for nearly 130 City traffic cops who turned out at the Old Deer Park opposite to Kadri Park early in the morning at 7 am. They all had a pleasant morning getting away from the hustle and bustle of noisy traffic and being exposed to shrill horns while on duty, whether it is rain or shine, did get an opportunity to relax for an hour at the Park during the ‘Wellness Session’ organised by Únited Consciousness’ Team led by Marvin Fernandes of Frequen-C.

In addition to these 130 traffic cops, even Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar and other higher rank police officers participated in the session. All the participants sat on the passageways by spreading out their mats, while Marvin sat in the centre along with his music team, including Gautham C Rao and Bhuvan Shetty, each of the team members playing different music instruments, like the happy drum, Tum Drum, Tibetan Bowls, Bongos among other instruments. Speakers were placed at appropriate spots so that the participants could listen to the music clearly. City police commissioner N Shashi Kumar interacted with the participants, and said that the New Age Music style is creative, melodic and relaxing to one’s mind, and the music is created to help people awaken their consciousness. “Make use of this music to help you calm your mind with immediate effects” added the Police Commissioner.

The Session started with Gautham playing the guitar and singing a soulful Kannada song “Nagu, Konegu, Ninagu ”, after which Marvin took over and made the participants do some breathing exercises. He then asked the participants to close their eyes, and hear the chirping of birds and other sounds of nature. Marvin, followed by Bhuvan Shetty, rolled sticks around Tibetan bowls of different sizes that produced humming sounds. Marvin also played the drum as participants laid down on the mat. At the session, the team introduced traffic personnel to new-age instruments that were played and blended with the sound of nature.

M A Nataraj -ACP (Traffic) speaking about How did this music session happen, said, ” It was around midnight six months ago near Nanthoor junction we were doing routine checks on vehicles, and we stopped a car, which had Marvin and his team who were returning from Sakleshpur after an event there. While searching the car we found some unique music instruments, and out of curiosity I questioned Marvin about the instruments on board the vehicle. He explained about the work his team does in promoting new age music, meant for relaxation. The team even played at the Nanthoor spot, and thrilled by their music,I decided to collaborate with Marvin in having a music session for our traffic cops”.

“But due to the pandemic, the programme was delayed. But finally we got the opportunity where Marvin’s team played for the traffic cops who are always under extreme stress in discharging their duties in the humid environment. No doubt that we pulled out a very successful one event. We exposed our traffic police to music therapy , which helped them to keep the ming relaxed.The session was an attempt to give our staff a break from the routine which is full of noise and pollution. This was a small initiative to refresh their minds. I have requested Marvin to come up with some other relaxing and soothing music in future, so we can have yet another music session soon, and he has readily agreed. My sincere thanks to Marvin Fernandes and his team for making a difference among our police personnel through their new age music. Even our Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar was pleased and expressed compliments on their performance” added ACP Nataraj.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Marvin Fernandes, who along with his team has conducted over 500 music therapy sessions in Mangaluru and other Indian cities said, “It was pure Relaxation for traffic police through new age music. Our hour-long programme had a soft blend of nature along with the team of Frequen-C playing new age music instruments to help the cops relax and also a big diversion from their daily schedule. The team of Frequen-C are all dedicated towards the mission with Me (Marvin) playing the hapi drum, tongue drum and bowls; Gautham playing the guitar, Bhuvan playing the rain stick and bowls and Vernon handling the sounds. The team of Mission-1 are working very hard towards various other sectors as well. We played instruments like happy drum, tongue drum, Tibetan bowls, rainstick and binaural beats along with a guided reflection therapy.On the guitar was Gautham, rain sticks and the bowls were handled by Bhuvan and the sound handling and management of the session was Vernon.

“The session was organised as part Mission-1, a movement to unite people for social causes. The response has been good. We are happy to announce that our music album is ready to be launched. This New Age Music style is creative, melodic and relaxing to one’s mind. This music is created to help people awaken their consciousness. You can use this music to help you calm your mind with immediate effects. All we need now is support from the people to help us spread the word. Also, this would help our Mission #ONE grow, an attempt to unite different platforms to work towards one common goal: our Mother Earth. This music pack includes- An Artist Card; volume 1(music), behind the scene pictures, a note stored on pen-drive, and one Month warranty on the pen-drive, and the Cost is Rs.650/-. For queries/booking Contact: 8879784563; 8105875213” added Marvin.

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