Meet Pretty 8-year-old Youngest Art Prodigy Adeline Nia Fernandes Aspiring to Be a CHEF & DESIGNER

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Meet Pretty 8-year-old Youngest Art Prodigy Adeline Nia Fernandes Aspiring to Be a CHEF & DESIGNER

Mangaluru: “If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.” said Edward Hopper. Most babies first learn to walk and talk before developing any skills or hobbies, but this was not the case of an 8-year-old Mangalorean pretty little bubbly girl, who started to learn painting by herself when she was four years old, and by the age of eight she has created about twenty unique pastels. Looking at all the beautiful and unique artwork she has done, her talent is not something you can distil into a formula or anything like that, it seems to naturally come out of her, and that’s really amazing, and her parents definitely should be proud of her.

Adeline Nia’s profound connection with the World and all the living creatures, which is why many of her titles reflect things about the universe. She wants to paint for the rest of her life. This dream may come true, as people are happy to enjoy her art, which is full of abstract colours and mysterious depth. Like many 8-year-olds, Adeline loves creating art. Unlike most kids her age, She has already made a name for herself as an artist, with her work admired by her family members, relatives, teachers, classmates, among many others. Her mother Sushma says, “We, as parents, appreciate the talents, uniqueness, hard work and determination of Adeline in her art hobby. We always try to motivate and encourage her in all her activities. As they say, “Every Daughter Wants to Follow in Her Mother’s Footsteps”, and that’s exactly what Adeline has done since I was also an artist and designer during my younger days”.

According to her mother, Sushma Fernandes, young Adeline’s interest in art unfolded when she was just a toddler (3 years). “It all started at the age of 3, when she would paint with her fingers, (scribbling on books or any paper she finds), then brushes and art began to emerge. She was always very creative—painting, do-it-yourself projects, and wouldn’t stop. You name it! Her imagination is constantly producing something new and extraordinary! And we parents are proud of her talents at this very young age”, added ‘Mommy’ Sushma.

Adeline who is in 3rd standard at St Theresa’s School, Bendore, Mangaluru is a proud daughter of Kiran Fernandes, a Pro-DJ and Event Planner, and Sushma Fernandes, who works for a reputed company from home. Adeline has a little sister, Kyra, who is 5 years old, studying in Kindergarten. Apart from Art, Adeline’s hobbies are crafting, Cooking, Jewellery making, Clay Modeling, Dancing, Singing, and few other fun things. When asked what she wants to become later in life, she smilingly said CHEF and DESIGNER. Yours Truly learnt that Adeline bakes some awesome, tasty and yummy cupcakes, chocolate cakes, and many a time helps her mother in her baking spree. And her interest to become a designer, may end up true, since Adeline likes to attire in various fashionable and designer clothes, and also takes part in Costume/Fancy dress contests, having won prizes. You Go Girl!

Family Photo L-R: Dad Kiran Fernandes, Mom Sushma, Adeline and little Sister Kyra

While Adeline initially gained prominence for her watercolour paintings at this very young age, she has since dabbled in other genres, including her most recent nature art paintings. She just might be the next big child prodigy. This young artist draws a wide array of anatomically correct flora and fauna with a level of mastery that is far beyond her years. She has been doing her intricate drawings since she was three years and obviously hasn’t looked back since. And now at the age of eight, She has probably created something that many perfectly capable adult artists cannot claim.

The young prodigy clearly has a strong fascination, as the majority of her detailed drawings are saturated with countless different species of nature, and environment. Like many girls her age, she is also fascinated by extinct species, so she doesn’t just limit her drawing ideas to living creatures – ancient flightless birds and early mammals also populate her beautiful black and white drawings. Stand before any abstract painting, and it’s inevitable someone will say: Wow, this child could have done that. For many, the dripping splatters or scribbles seem haphazard and simplistic, not unlike something an average tiny girl might do with a set of finger paints and brushes.

And as contemporary art becomes more conceptual, it’s harder to know what makes a piece of art great: the object itself, the story behind it, or both? Eight-year-old artist Adeline, whose artwork embodies what one art historian calls the “my kid could do that” impulse. Her mother is adamant that Adeline names each painting unassisted. And while all children might make “beautiful art,” Adeline who is a young art prodigy has what Winner calls a “rage to master,” an obsession to conquer the craft and spend hours honing her skills. It turns out, unlike math, music, and chess prodigies, child art prodigies are the hardest to find, but Mangaluru has one Art Prodigy, Adeline Nia Fernandes!

While congratulating and complimenting Adeline on her artistic talents, in conclusion, Chances that if you are reading this article, You have already imagined yourself as a child prodigy. But it’s already too late for you to become one. So You can still achieve great things in life, or you can give a clap to this article. Thank You.

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