Mega Circle at Nanthoor Junction REDUCED Hoping for Smooth Movement of Traffic

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Mega Circle at Nanthoor Junction REDUCED Hoping for Smooth Movement of Traffic

Mangaluru: Unless and until a Flyover is planned and becomes a reality, there will be constant traffic jams near Nanthoor Junction and all along the stretch of NH 66 near the junction. In the past many changes were done near the Junction to ease the flow of heavy traffic, especially during peak hours, but that hasn’t helped much, because traffic chaos still exists. And now someone has used their common sense to reduce the size of the Circle that exists near the dangerous Nanthoor Junction, where many accidents have taken place resulting in severe injuries, and also deaths.

A dozen circles in Mangaluru may add to the beauty of the city, but in reality, all of these are resulting in traffic pile-ups and inconveniencing motorists and pedestrians. The size of all the circles has to be reduced considerably to avoid traffic pile-ups. Such a huge circle near Nanthoor Junction was not necessary as there is a huge flow of traffic round the clock. The other unscientific circles include Nandigudde, Marnamikatte, Forum Fiza Mall, and Hamilton. It should be noted that several circles including Hudson Circle and St John’s Circle in Bengaluru are not there any more, which has helped ease traffic.

Adding too many such mega circles in the City, the mega Nanthoor Circle was creating lots of inconveniences for motorists to wade through during heavy traffic. But with the latest development, the Circle has been reduced to a smaller size, hoping that would ease at least some problems faced by motorists. The decision to reduce the size by the National Highway Authority of India {NHAI} was based on the complaints submitted by Mangaluru City Traffic Police Department. The Nanthoor junction circle had been a nightmare for motorists plying in that location, and many accidents have taken place in the past. In 2017, two people died, two were critically injured, four sustained minor injuries and four vehicles were damaged due to accidents at this Junction. Also in 2016, one person died, three were seriously injured and six sustained minor injuries and three vehicles were damaged at the same Junction. Recently, an elderly person and a young girl were crushed under a speeding truck.

It is learnt that the decision was taken to reduce the size of the Circle so that extra space could be provided for the movement of traffic. By reducing the size of the circle, more vehicles can gather side by side near Junction, instead of the congestion happening at the moment. Right now this could be just an experiment depending on how things will work, and they will be apprised of the ground reality only in the later days. Because such planning and failed issues have taken place earlier. Hoping the new plan will serve the purpose to avoid accidents and also for the smooth movement of traffic.

But as per the opinion of a civil engineer who said, ” No matter what, the circle will always be flawed, as it is located in an area that is geographically unfit for such infrastructure. The base of a circle should always be even throughout its circumference. However, the Nanthoor Circle is uneven, and the vehicles that ply from KPT and Bikarnakatte travel faster, which increases the chances of casualties. Unless the motorists/commuters on these stretches become responsible, and careful, chances are accidents could happen, no matter what?”

According to yet another traffic behavioural expert, if the Highway from Nanthoor Cross to Pumpwell is closed for all heavy and goods traffic and the same is taken via Bikarnakatte, Jayashree Gate, Flyover and Padil and then to Pumpwell via Padil on the Padil Pumpwell road now being constructed by MSCL and the traffic from Kerala side is brought directly from Pumpwell to Nanthoor., most of the traffic woes at Nanthoor could be over. I think this suggestion is worth a try!

Anyways, let’s keep our fingers crossed as to how the new changes made near the DEADLY Nanthoor Junction will help the motorists, and also prevent accidents. We all learn from our mistakes- so this could be yet another example.

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  1. Stupid idea of reducing the size of the circle.
    In fact it should be made bigger for smooth traffic. Learn from other middle East countries.
    Till the public is well disciplined nothing is going to help. Alternate is flyover .

  2. Wrong decision ❌ reducing circle size will create more conjunction in future. Look around developed countries if you have no idea. Big circle accumulated more vehicles wen ur in the junction

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