Mega Water Tank EXISTS, but No Water EXITS? Ex-MLA Responds to Saripalla Residents Reeling Under Water Shortage

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Mega Water Tank EXISTS, but No Water EXITS? Ex-MLA Responds to Saripalla Residents Reeling Under Water Shortage

  • Mega Water Tank EXISTS, but No Water EXITS? Ex-MLA Moideen Bava Responds to Saripalla Residents Reeling Under Water Shortage, a problem that they have been facing for a long, long Time.

Mangaluru: Water is a precious natural resource. All living things need water for their survival. We cannot imagine life without water. Let it be animals or plants; they require water to complete their daily metabolic activities. We all can live without food for days together but cannot even imagine surviving without water. Water is an essential source for the existence of life on the planet earth. It is widely used for various purposes such as drinking, washing, bathing, cleaning, cooking, irrigation, and other industrial and domestic uses. Agricultural applications include irrigation, farming, gardening, and frost control.

However, it seems like our elected Netas/representatives or the concerned authorities in the District Administration or Mangaluru City Corporation are unaware of it or have any clue about the importance of water. Citizens need basic facilities like water, proper and scientific drainage system, Safe roads and footpaths etc and not Renamed Mega Circles and Renamed Roads, which we are all seeing at the moment. Before the elections, the citizens get all kinds of assurances/promises from the netas/candidates contesting in the elections, that if they are elected they would provide all the basic needs of the Citizens, including safe and hygienic drinking water. But all those promises are nothing but bogus and trying to eyewash the public.

And here is an example of residents of the SARIPALLA area, facing an acute shortage of water, and have been reeling under the lack of water for their daily use for a long, long time. Even though a MEGA water tank EXISTS in this area, it is absolutely fun to note that water does not EXIT out of it to some of the residents near the tank. And the residents are without a clue whether there is water stored in that mega tank, or it just sits there like a Monument! It should be noted that the residents of Saripalla who come under Neermarga Gram Panchayat have no water supply.

It should be noted that recently when our Union Minister visited Dakshina Kannada, delivered a speech saying “Under the Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Antyodaya Yojana for the poor people, we provide houses, including electricity, water, gas connection, toilet facilities, Rs 5 lakh health insurance, free food and Rs 6000 per month for every farmer”. But his speech looked like “We don’t Practice What We Preach?” As per the Saripalla residents- We don’t need such yojanas delivered in fake speeches. The people of Saripalla under the Neermarga Gram Panchayat, need the supply of drinking water which is scarce in the area. The pathetic part is that there is a huge tank on the other side of the road which comes under the city corporation limits. And the area on the other side is under the Neermarga Gram Panchayat where people, young, old, children and pregnant women suffer without proper drinking water.

Numerous appeals made to the MLA of Mangalore North Constituency Dr Bharath Shetty bore no results. Fed up with waiting for any action taken by the present MLA, the residents approached former MLA Moideen Bava, who responded immediately after listening to the grievances and visited the spot along with the president of Neermarga Gram Panchayat. Bava even called the Dakshina Kannada DC and explained the problems faced by the people of Saripalla. Facing an acute shortage of water, quite a few residents without any choice have locked their houses and temporarily moved to other places or taken shelter at their relative’s or friend’s homes/apartments.

Moideen Bava also visited nearby Jyothi Nagar where the residents of an apartment face a severe water crisis. After visiting both areas, Bava assured of finding a solution and called for a meeting on February 16, at the Mangaluru City Corporation, where he along with Saripalla residents, and opposition leader in MCC Council Body Corporator Naveen D’Souza met MCC Commissioner Channabasappa and briefed him about the problems faced by both Saripalla and Jyothi Nagar residents.

Naveen D’Souza said, “At Saripalla there is a borderline issue. A resolution has already been passed in the council to provide MCC water to the residents of Saripalla. Even though the resolution to provide MCC water was passed in the Council, the water pipe connectivity is still pending. The concerned authorities should take quick steps so that the residents don’t face any hardship of getting water “.

Also speaking to the residents, Former MLA Moideen Bava said, “I have visited both the places in Saripalla and Jyothi Nagar, I don’t do politics in providing drinking water to the people of the area, I want the people of the area to get justice and water should be provided to them on humanitarian grounds”. 

The MCC Commissioner Channabasappa said that he will look into the matter and take necessary action to supply drinking water to the residents of Saripalla. Based on the assurance from the Commissioner, the residents of both areas are hoping for the best in getting the “Much Needed Source” at the earliest.

Saripalla Gram Panchayat President Dhanavanthi, President of Neermarga Gram Panchayat Water Supply Bhaskar, and residents of Jyothi Nagar and Saripalla were also present while meeting the MCC Commissioner.

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