Merci Monsieur! French National Thanks Top Cop for Recovering His Rs 7 Lakh Loaned to Friend

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Merci Monsieur! (That’s “Thank You, Sir” in French) French National 27-year-old Theophile Raux Thanks Top Cop/Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar and other Police Personnel for Recovering His Rs 7 Lakh Loaned to a Friend he just met in Mangaluru

Mangaluru: Briefing the media persons during a press meet held at the Commissionerate office Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar said, “We have here amongst us 27-year-old Theophile Raux, a citizen of France who has been working in Solarinblue company in Mangaluru and was residing in a rented apartment at Chilimbi. At that time, he had met one person residing in Kadri Kambala in the City. When Raux asked that person whether he could stay with him, he agreed and had Raux sign an agreement to live in the flat. While they both were residing together at the flat, that person asked Raux to lend him some money to develop his hotel business”.

“Trusting him, Theophile transferred Rs 7.76 lakhs to his account through Google pay and bank transfer for which he had given him post-dated cheques. Later when Raux deposited the Cheques, the cheques bounced and the person had left Mangaluru without any notice. After failing to contact him through all possible sources, Raux had to file a case against him. Through the help of a friend in the City, she escorted Raux to meet DCP Law and Order Hariram Shankar to whom the details were explained about the situation, and DCP assured of providing justice”, added the police commissioner.

The police commissioner further said, “Under the direction of DCP Law and Order, the Kadri Police Inspector Ananthpadmanabh and PSI Anitha started working on the case. On 18 April 2022, the person was arrested in Goa and brought to Mangaluru. His parents were also informed and they reached Mangaluru on April 19. On April 20, his father cooperated with the police and Raux and issued a DD for Rs 7 lakh in Theophile Raux’s name and settled the amount. Going back to February 2022, when the last cheque was bounced, Raux realized that he lost all of my savings since he was undergoing treatment after he had a fall while climbing the rock, where he had spent lakhs on hospital bills. Raux was in deep despair and absolutely helpless. The day he approached DCP (L&O), Hariram Shankar, he assured Raux that they will investigate the case thoroughly, hold the perpetrator accountable, bring him to justice and provide reparation to the victim. It has been a happy ending for Raux in recovering at least Rs 7 lakhs of the Rs 7.76 lakhs he loaned. As of now, no case has been registered against the person who duped Raux, but when further investigations are done, necessary action could be taken if needed”.

Out of gratitude, Theophile thanked Top Cop N Shashi Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police Law & Order Hariram Shankar, ACP Central P A Hegde, Police Inspector of Kadri police station Ananth Padmanabh, Sub Inspector Anitha, PHC Vishwanath and PC Dheerendra, HCs Jayanand and Umesh and the criminal branch Mangalore East police station for their unrelenting efforts in bringing justice to him and closing the case. Theophile said that after a couple of weeks of efforts and dedicated work by the police officers of Kadri Police Station, were finally able to settle the case. The team interrogated the suspects, checked the alibis, travelled to Kerala and finally brought the culprit from Goa. The case got settled in a couple of days and I got the money back, now I can leave India with peace of mind.

“Once again, I am eternally grateful to all those who contributed to the settlement of this case, including Ms Violet Pereira of who was instrumental in escorting me to meet DCP Hariram Shankar and requesting him to help me out of the dire situation. Under the able leadership of the Police Commissioner, the police department is doing an excellent job in delivering justice, for which I am indebted. Once again, my sincere thanks to everyone concerned in helping me to recover the money which I loaned in good faith to the person, and later faced all the consequences,” added Theophile Raux, with smiles and a happy face, even though he was recovering from his accident, and moving around with the help of crutches/walkers”, added Theophile.

From Theophile’s example we should all learn never to lend money to anyone whom we meet the first time, without knowing their character or background, and then land into unwanted trouble like Theophile had to go through.

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  1. Many social problems like finance, civil can be solved with proper proof. The main thing people will listen to Good Police officer with good intentions to the society. So I think this is great achievement and thanks to our COMMISSIONER who has smiling face with personal approach with the citizens

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