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Mexico a brave, tough team, says Chile coach

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Santiago, June 15 (IANS) Jorge Sampaoli, coach of the Chilean soccer national team, said Mexico is “an unpredictable team”, media reported on Monday.

He called Mexico a “brave and tough” team, Xinhua news agency reported.

“Mexico is unpredictable due to the speed of its players. It is a very brave and very tough team, they are an obedient team. They will express that in the game,” said Sampaoli.

Chile and Mexico will play next Monday at 8.30 p.m. local time in Santiago’s National Stadium.

Sampaoli said Mexico is a complicated and unpredictable team.

“It is a team that might cause us trouble due to its way of attacking. They have a strong attack, they are fast to come back and play short-distance.

“Mexico is similar to Chile. It will be a dynamic game and very wearing. Mexico plays forcefully,” Sampaoli added.

He also talked about the things his team has to improve after its tough debut against Ecuador.

“We have to improve the pressure, we have to be more aggressive in the rival’s field and we have to make more dangerous plays. We should keep trying all the time.”

About Eduardo Vargas being a first-team player, Sampaoli said: “I trust my team and the players will be used upon the specific needs. It is unfair to think only about names because all of them have the illusion to be and all are important.”

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