MIA in Sync with BCAS Directive for Awareness on Baggage Security

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Mangaluru International Airport (MIA) in Sync with BCAS Directive for Awareness on Baggage Security

Mangaluru: Air travel is all about ensuring safety. Civil aviation regulators globally have a strict policy about items permitted in hand and check-in baggage. In India, the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) monitors this and issues periodic directives to airport operators to ensure the smooth transit of passengers. BCAS in its recent order has directed airports to create greater awareness among passengers about permitted items.

Mangaluru International Airport proactively has ensured that passengers are aware of the items they are permitted to carry as part of their travel baggage. Standees with pictograms have been placed at prominent places outside the domestic and international security hold areas for easy understanding by the passengers. Even the airline partners of the airport too have their own information displays on this subject.

Incidentally, BCAS in its recent finding on the subject and mentioned in the order, has observed that cigarette lighters, scissors, knives, liquids, aerosols, and gels (LAGs) account for the bulk of the items that are commonly recovered at the security checkpoints across airports. Other prohibited items that security personnel recover include sharp objects, screwdrivers, rope, luggage chains, candles/wax and coconut (copra).

Power banks, and e-cigarettes/aerosol/spray account for the highest and least common items recovered in the inline hold baggage screening system. Security associates who assist CISF personnel in charge of the security hold area inform the passengers of the dos and don’ts that they must follow as part of the mandatory security check. MIA is also proactively acting in all other directions given by BCAS in this regard.

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