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Micro mind malignant morale mashes the massive mandate
Blind to the reality fantasy is insult to the humanity sedate?
Ghastly pitiful heedless helpless generations beg for crucial
grasping for oxygen medicines stashed brutal heartless cruel

gleaming pyre lined up bodies dumb mobs waiting to set fire
some thrown to river some unclaimed lies idolized taunt sure
Trading people broken relatives shocking dire consequences
fearful paralysed system seen untouchables relation bounces

lonely heart broken ship ruined humanity anchorless life tilts
soaking body greedy vultures immoral megalomaniac results
ward beds medicine oxygen ambulance booked bartering aid
struggling reality strangled mankind bruised life pain portrayed

cover one’s back slide lock down guide can we live life dignified
affordable affluent the day prosperous what about marginalized
daily laborer working class lockdown bickering nature and mind
Infant children, anxious mothers drained fathers redress to God

Mendacious thoughts bring down immunity hope fear life awake
worried youth future is bleak pocket is flat home is at stake make
tidy neat vision long run plans timely distribution would save day
positive hopes promising counselling progressive ideas sunny day

defame poor abusing words cruelly torturing displays brokenness
demeaning office cunning being sadist nature a shame shambles
slapping the indigent, desecrating defile the poor vendor’s purity
well-dressed guys no snag but respect dignity where is priority?

hatekit foolkit fakekit full vengeance kit empty seen life giving kit
respect honest warriors salute dedicated medicos be humble a bit
dead bodies seen on shoulders, cycles, fake promise dry in the air
hero worship elections position image building preferred first fire

Vaccine is the hour life is the power shed disparity build humanity
Free up lifesaving drugs do not divert deceive issues have serenity
Overconfidence is fatal nasty respect receptive reciprocate reveal
Tragedies assail daily do not be stubborn have heed help and heal

 Fr Joachim D’Souza, Capuchin Priest, Presently Residing at Asha Kiran, Heroor, Brahamavar, Udupi, Practicingadvocate, Registrar of Indian Christian Marriages. Mobile: 9902774580

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  1. I really love reading your poems. Great vocabulary… May God continue to inspire you to inspire others..

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