Minister Madhu Swamy threatens action against National Law School if locals aren’t provided reservation

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Minister Madhu Swamy threatens action against National Law School if locals aren’t provided reservation 

Bengaluru: Karnataka Law Minister J.C. Madhu Swamy said on Tuesday that if the National Law School of India University (NLSIU) in Bengaluru refuses to provide 25 per cent reservation for Kannadiga students, the BJP government in the state would initiate action against it.

“If the university fails to provide reservation lawfully, we will not hesitate to take action,” he reiterated on the floor of the Assembly on Tuesday.

BJP MLA S. Suresh Kumar raised the question in this regard.

“The stand of the state is very clear on this issue. We are committed to providing reservation to our children,” Madhu Swamy said.

“The matter is coming up before the Supreme Court on February 24 and we are hopeful that we will get justice. The Supreme Court has also expressed the same feelings which we have. NLSIU was questioned as to why reservation is not given in Karnataka when it has been provided in other states,” he said.

Karnataka has appointed Solicitor General of India Tushar Mehta to argue its case.

“If the reservation is not provided, initiating legal action would become inevitable. Let’s wait. As we are reposing faith in the judiciary, let us not go for harsh action at this stage,” Madhu Swamy said.

Suresh Kumar said that the NLSIU is not providing reservations to Kannadiga students, flouting the law.

“The college management has not followed the law for two years. The state had given land to establish the university. There is no gratitude from the university towards the state. The funds to the university should be stopped,” Suresh Kumar demanded.

The institution was given 23 acres of land and Rs 22 crore in funds by the Karnataka government.

“But our children are not getting seats there,” Suresh Kumar said.

Former Speaker and BJP MLA K.G. Bopaiah said the university is behaving as if it doesn’t have any accountability towards the Karnataka government.

Congress MLA Krishna Bhyregowda said that the matter is very sensitive as the Chief Justice of India is the President of the administrative board of NLSIU.

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