Mission Accomplished! Kudla’s Cyclist Anil Shet Completes 1 Lakh Km Cycling past 7 Years

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Mission Accomplished! Kudla’s Cyclist Anil Shet Completes 1 Lakh Km Cycling past 7 Years

  • Mission Accomplished! Kudla’s Electronic & Communication Engineer Cyclist 41-year-old Anil Shet Completes 1 Lakh Kms Cycling (2014-2021). Here are his credentials of cycling : 2014 -7353 km, 2015 -10707 km, 2016 -12129 km, 2017 -13897 km, 2018 -14731 km, 2019 -16732 km, 2020- 18487 km, and 2021- 5960 km. He is the ONLY Cyclist in Dakshina Kannada who has covered one-lakh Km in a span of seven years. Wow, 1,00,000 km, and still pedalling! Team Mangalorean congratulates Anil Shet on his BIG Accomplishment & Achievement.

Mangaluru: One of the beauties over the course of being a Journo/freelance person is crossing paths with interesting people. Today, even though it was a religious Good Friday, getting ready to be at the ‘Way of the Cross’ and also for the lengthy evening Mass, still it was one of those extraordinary days when I had the pleasure of meeting Mangaluru’s Extraordinary Cyclist Anil Shet, an Electronic & Communication Engineer passed out from MIT, Manipal, who has fallen in love with biking. Personally, I was interested in hearing about his adventures and listening to his stories, so we decided to have a chat over a cup of coffee at the Cafeteria of Ginger Hotel, Mangaluru.

Beaming with Pride Cyclist Anil Shet after completion of travelling 1 lakh Km

Having started cycling 7 years ago when he bought his first bicycle as a way to keep fit and disease-free, he had never thought that his passion would bring him so far, now achieving a rare feat by covering one-lakh kilometres on his bicycle in just seven years. When did this become a passion from a mere exercise routine is something even he seems to have forgotten but now there is no looking back for this 41-year-old cyclist. However, Anil Shet is in no mood to stop here and wants to continue till his last breath.

Anil initially started cycling for a few kilometres on a simple bicycle that was available at home and gradually went on to increase the distance. However, he started competing in brevets and since then has taken part in dozens of brevets. To date, he has changed a couple of bicycles and has covered 1 lakh km, the record of which is available on his speedometer. Indeed a marvellous achievement that we should be all proud of as Mangalureans that a Mangalurean has achieved this rare feat.

In his interaction with Team Mangalorean, Anil Shet narrated his cycling story from where he started cycling first until this day when he completed travelling one-lakh kilometres on his bicycle. He said, ” It was 15 Jan 2014, when I bought my first bicycle, it was an MTB those days, as road bikes were considered puncture prone. Early next morning I was ready for my first ride. I met cyclist Shabari who asked me to join him at 5:30 am, I was there at 5:15 am as I wanted to ride 6 km and 20kms per week. But on my first ride itself, he made me ride 20 km and I was totally exhausted. That evening I had a fever, yet the next morning I was there on time. Within a few days, the body pain subsided and was quite regular and within 10 days I did my first 50 km. From then on, the journey continued”.

“I had bought this bike to fight my blood pressure and borderline diabetes. It was not my passion but it eventually did become one. I was advised by my wife Dr Ramya, a dentist by profession, to buy the bicycle and not to depend on medication. As they say, behind every successful man there is a woman. Cycling, as I said, eventually became a passion for me. Within 6 months of cycling, my Blood pressure came to normal”.

“Food too was always a passion with me but this new passion of cycling brought down my weight by close to 22kgs and gave me the liberty to eat as much as I wanted. Thanks to Godfrey Pinto who made me join MACC, with regular morning rides and long rides on weekends, helped me to achieve this target. Thanks to Bhaveesh who has ridden with me more than 40,000 km and Dheeraj Hejmadi who supported me in all the club activities. It was a great ride of 750 km to Kanyakumari and back with Shamlal in Feb 2019. Another memorable ride was the non-stop 600 km ride, with Shivanand Rao, which we completed in 33 hours, which made me a Super Randonneur in Feb 2018”.

“To say a bit about my education and career, I graduated from Manipal Institute of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering, worked for Bharat Electronics Ltd., Bangalore, then started my own business as a developer. I have completed numerous projects under the Beetle Developers banner. I currently have another project on the anvil, the Beetle Sanvi”.

“Initially our MACC morning ride used to be of 20 km distance in 2014, weekends it would be 50 km, then later on in 2015 it increased to 25km and in 2017 it was 30 km in 2018 it further increased to 40 km and 2020 it was an avg of 50 km/ day. In the last few weeks it has been increased to 100 km/day in 4 hours. When I bought the bike I never thought I’d achieve this target of one lakh kilometres. When I completed 20,000 km in 2016 this was still a distant dream. I completed 50000 km in 2018, 75000 km in Dec 2019 but I never thought I would do it so soon. Going forward, I would like to do relaxed rides 20 to 30m km per day in the Country side and guide more youngsters”.

“When I bought my first bike Merida Matta 20 for about Rs. 30k, I was worried about what my mom would say about spending so much on a cycle, but later she realized that it was worth spending it. One and half years later, when I bought another Merida Ride 300 for around Rs. 70k they were happy. I used it for 3 years. Sometimes after a ride when I got home my mom used to say “this bike is old, you need to buy a new one”. I bought a full carbon Merida Ride 5000 for MRP Rs 1.5 lakhs. Thanks to Mubeen from Taj Cycles who gave a good discount on all my purchases and always gave first priority to repair my bike”.

While concluding, Anil said, “I have ridden with many new cyclists and guided them and once I felt they were fit for a 100 km ride, I would accompany them and ride 100 km distance at their pace. I still remember the ride with Dr G K Hebbar when he rode his first 100 km at the age of 60 and the theme for that ride was 100 at 60. Once again I would like to thank all cyclists of Mangaluru who supported me to achieve this target”.

Cyclist Sajeev Mathews- the General Manager of Ginger Hotel, Mangaluru

Yet another Cyclist whom Team Mangalorean interacted with is Sajeev Mathews, the General Manager of Ginger Hotel in Mangaluru for the last five years, who has given most part of the hotel’s interior look with memorabilia of bicycles on walls, front desk counter etc. Speaking to Team Mangalorean Sajeev Mathews said, “It was one of my colleagues who motivated and inspired me to take up cycling as a hobby, and I feel it was a good choice that I made which has kept me fit and healthy. And it is also these cyclists here who have given me more encouragement and support, for which I am very grateful. In the last two years taking up cycling I have noticed riding a bike is healthy, fun and a low-impact form of exercise for all ages. Cycling is easy to fit into your daily routine by riding to the shops, park, school or work and for doing other errands”.

“Spending most of my time behind the desk in my office, after I took up cycling I have seen changes in my lifestyle because to be fit and healthy you need to be physically active, and cycling has helped me a lot. I can say that Riding your bicycle regularly is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle. It is also fun, cheap and good for the environment. It only takes two to four hours of cycling a week to achieve a general improvement to your health. It’s also a fun way to get fit– the adventure and buzz you get from coasting down hills and being outdoors means you are more likely to continue to cycle regularly, compared to other physical activities that keep you indoors or require special times or places. I am happy to be associated with all these Cyclists here, and Anil Shet is really a role model for all amateur riders” added Mathews.

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