Mission Accomplished? MCC Cracks Down on Valencia Hall for Flouting COVID Rules

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Mission Accomplished? MCC Cracks Down on Valencia Hall for Flouting COVID Rules

  • Mission Accomplished? MCC Cracks Down on a Hall in Valencia, Mangaluru for Flouting COVID Rules with a fine of Rs 5000 for not following Social Distancing and many guests not wearing face masks. 

Mangaluru: There has been an image of a payment receipt of a fine of Rs 5000 slapped by officials of Mangaluru City Corporation on the management of Valencia Golden Jubilee Hall for not following social distancing and many not wearing face masks during a function. While complimenting the MCC officials for their BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT by going all the way from their offices at MCC building located at Lalbagh, Mangaluru travelling few kilometres to Valencia, and taking to task the management of the Hall is something Strange and Unbelievable? Oh well, in regards to this incident, I want to ask the same MCC Officials, when was the last time they had barged into other Mega function halls owned by Rich and Upper Community folks during a big celebration? When is the last time they have barged into a political related mega function, where usually no social distance is followed nor netas are wearing face masks? The answer will be definitely NO! (Ref:  Why Officials Not Slapping Fines on People Flouting Covid-19 Rules inside MCC Bldg )

On the same day (7 January) when these officials went to Valencia Hall to crack down for violation of Covid-19 rules, there were mega wedding functions at a hall near Navabharath Circle, function at a hall on M G Road, mega wedding reception at a hall on Kadri/Bunts Hostel road- and could be many more-just wondering how come they missed to check on the Covid-19 rules at these halls. Seems like something fishy going on here!

Do You Call This Social Distancing! Scenes inside MCC building on a Daily Basis

Did these officials know that it’s not only the citizens but also our Netas whom we voted into power, are the FIRST ones to violate the COVID norms/rules. Total nonsense and Total Nataka by our Netas and other authorities, who go by the motto, “We Don’t Practice What We Preach”? The way people are moving around in the City seems like Coronavirus has totally disappeared after the government relaxed the lockdown. City buses are allowed to ply with only 30 passengers on board but if you peep into the buses during rush hours, passengers are loaded like sardines in a bucket? Social distancing totally ignored. If questioned, the bus owners and bus crew have their silly reasons to support their mistakes- and our lovely traffic cops do not bother to fine such violators, Nor the MCC officials give a damn about it.

Social Distance, What? Scenes during results of Gram Panchayat Elections in Mangaluru

We all know that MCC Commissioner Akshy Sridhar, Mayor Diwakar Pandeshwar, and other bigwigs are doing a good job by getting into the City streets and cracking down on pedestrians, motorists, a shopkeeper and slapping them with fines for not wearing face masks or not following social distancing. But on the other hand, the same team of MCC officials have turned a blind eye towards their clients/people inside the MCC building, who have either come to pay bills/taxes or obtain documents. Sounds Strange, but True!

Where is Social Distancing & how many are wearing Masks at the Congress Convention in Bantwal

Have you been to the MCC Office building located on MG/Lalbagh Road, either to pay your property tax or to get your birth certificate etc- you will be surprised to see that Social Distancing is totally ignored, and many people are moving around the complex wearing no face mask- and that is the present situation at MCC building. When you enter the building through the main entrance, the security man will sanitize your hands and the Therma check- but once you enter the building no official will bother whether you are following social distancing or wearing a mask. To get a Self Assessment (SAS) form or pay other taxes, you will have to stand in a queue, but social distancing is hardly followed-where people in the queue are brushing their bodies with each other. How come MCC officials don’t fine them, as they went all the way to Valencia to slap a hefty fine?

Where is Social Distancing maintained at BJP Special Executive Meeting held recently in City?

Have the same officials who went and slapped the fine at Valencia Hall, been at some of the religious events taking place in the City, where the word of “SOCIAL DISTANCING or WEARING FACE MASK” is completely forgotten-how about that? And if you look inside the MCC building, not only social distancing is ignored at the payment counters, even where a bunch of volunteers/helpers who prepare the completion of the forms, we can see people crowded near the desks- and no one cares about it. Where are all the MCC officials, Health Officer, Mayor, MCC Commissioner, and even our popular MLA, who has his office in the same building, when such COVID-19 guidelines abuse is going on?

Where is Social Distancing & No Masks at Panambur Beach during weekends

That symbolic gestures initiated by PM Modi like the “Janata curfew” also didn’t help, especially when they turned out to be counterproductive, and instead of encouraging people to stay at home, actually brought people together in groups, and on streets, thereby increasing the risk of spreading the virus. Although Mangaluru didn’t see such a celebration on the streets, in other cities, it did happen. Totally nonsense it was – clapping, banging vessels etc- a one-day Nataka! IMPLEMENTING rules/orders WON’T HELP in Kudla, authorities strictly ENFORCING them WILL HELP – and then only we could see the difference, and prevent Coronavirus/COVID-19 from spreading! A kind request to the MCC Officials, if you are strictly enforcing the COVID-19 rules, please don’t pick a certain person or a certain community business or hall, instead, crackdown and fine irrespective of the rich or poor person, Caste, Creed or Religion- and also take for the task your clients who are flouting such rules when they are inside the MCC building. No Discrimination of people in this COVID-19 related issue, Please! Thank you!

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  1. Karnataka under BJP rule is reminiscent of Peru under Oscar Benavides who said “For my friends, anything. For my enemies, the law.”

  2. MCC only picks and chooses whom to Punish and Whom to let loose. Few months back it was a great Comedy Corona Show (CCS)at Nanthoor Junction and other places. The Actors were Health Officers and Police on Duty stopping Bikes,3 wheelers and others for not wearing Mask.
    Health Officers was standing near the entrance of MCC and a MLA (guess who) was going towards His Vehicle with few People without any mask nor shut mouth. I was watching to see if Mr Shetty is taking any action. I am sure fear of MLA, stopped Him being get suspended if He sys anything. Mr Shetty did not stop Him for violation of Covid Rule. MCC has different Rules for different People on Corona.
    Now everyone can Observe tht all city Buses are loaded with standing Passengers touchinng each other. I request Covid Officials to come and wait near Mangala College near Pedamale between 8.30 and 9.30 in the Morning to watch the Corona Spread Show. Atleast 20 to 25 Students get down from each City Buses along with Teachers. Hardly a few wear mear Mask and others show their Faces. Best show to watch is four to five of them HUG each other and cross the road towards College Campus. Same show at noon time as many students walk towards Restuarant for Meal. Mostly Female students 4 or 5 of them Hug and Walk on road side creating fear for Us to Drive next to them as they push each other Laugh,shout and wear no Mask,No Social Distance. CORONA AWARENESS AT MEDICAL CAMPUS

  3. Need of the hour to bring everyone ‘s awareness on this. Well written and puts everything in the right perspective. Where were the rules of social distancing amd asks when there were over 3000 people to attend a tribute to a dead man in TMA Pai Hall, when COVID 19 was killing people right , left and centre. How come COVID 19 has selection criteria and appears to be critically contagious as and when it is convenient for religious discrimination or for political leverage ? How is it that social distancing norms have different standards in different places ? COVID 19 is also apparently not shy to roam and attack people from 7 pm to 7 am , But suddenly during the day , it chooses to shy away and avoid crowds and sunlight ?

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