Mission Accomplished! Rider Sandeep Completes 21,457 km on his ‘Aazadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ Tour

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Mission Accomplished! Rider Sandeep Completes 21,457 km on his ‘Aazadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ Tour

Mangaluru: Setting out for solo or group journeys on motorbikes, and exploring the colourful coronary heart of India has been a pattern these days. In the meantime, we have a 44-year-old rider from Bengaluru who was on a mission to cover India and had set off on a dream journey, which took 60-plus days and covered nearly 23,000 Km, and his journey commenced from Bengaluru on 27 September 2022.

Yes, Mera Bharath Mahaan! And it was 44-Year-Old Bengaluru Biker Sandeep N Ananthaprakash who set his India Tour on his 32-Year-Old Restored YEZDI Motorbike, and he had made a pitstop in Mangaluru on 30 September 2022, and Team Mnagalorean had an exclusive interview with him which was published in Mangalorean.com. He was welcomed by a few members of Yezdi Motorcycle Club, Mangaluru at Circuit House, and Yours Truly of Team Mangalorean had a nice time interacting with him before he left for Goa.

Sandeep, a veteran rider who takes immense pride in talking and understanding all about our great country, took the onus on his own to celebrate India’s 75 years of Independence in his way. So on 27th September 2022, he started on an epic journey, exploring our different cities and cultures, talking to different people and all this on his 32-year-old Made-in-India motorcycle – the Yezdi Road King – one more proud product of our very own home state – Karnataka.

While there are instances and directives to ban all old vehicles, Sandeep rode to show that no matter how old these motorcycles are, still, the tough, rugged machines are suitable for our country – we can still think Indian and be Indians! Sandeep had started from NICE Mysore Road Junction on the early 27 September 2022 morning to Srirangapatna – Gonikoppal, Kannur, before reaching Mangaluru on 30 September, from where he proceeded to Udupi and then to Goa.

After completing his mission, Sandeep once again made a pitstop in Mangaluru a few days ago, and a few members of Yezdi Motorcycle Club, Mangaluru had met him at Hotel Woodlands, Mangaluru, for an interaction and a few pictures and selfies, joined by Yours Truly. Narrating in brief about his journey, Sandeep said, ” My main aim was to celebrate the 75th year of Independence – Aazadi ka Amrit Mahotsav celebrations, thereby Exploring the Indian border, meeting and interacting with Soldiers on the borders. And as they say ” Save Vintage and Classics vehicles”, mine was the FirstRoadking to cover Nation’s border, and I feel proud of it”.

“On 27 September 2022, I started from Bengaluru, and the Border circuit started from Kannur on 28 September in Kerala and then continued North on the West Coast. Then from J&K continued to the North East and then reclining down South till Kanyakumari on the east and finally to Kannur on 24 November 2022 completing my circuit. And then later to Mysore on 26 November 2022 via Coorg and finally reaching my home in Bengaluru. Even though the original route was upto 23,000kms. But in Ladakh, it was cut short due to heavy snowfall and road closures. Then in the North East, Nagaland and Manipur had certain areas I had to leave as they were too remote, not safe for a solo ride and few were under army control,” added Sandeep.

He further said, “Finally its 21,457 km back to home in Bengaluru via Mangaluru. During my journey, I explored a total of 26 states’ borders plus Pakistan, China, Tibet, Nepal, Burma, and Sri Lanka coast borders touched. The Climate conditions were like this, where I started from Bangalore at 22 degrees then to the highest heat of 39 in Rajasthan, Gujarat and -11 in Leh with snowfalls. With the grace of God, not even a single pinch of pain, not even a sneeze during my entire journey. However, my motorcycle took all the effort and pain. It was indeed an adventurous and memorable journey for memory’s sake and to my credentials”.

“Riding is my passion and with this passion started my solo adventurous ride on a 32-year-old made in Indian motorcycle: Yezdi Road king, to cover our Country’s border with an estimated ride distance of 23,000 kilometres. I own a few Yezdi Road king motorcycles, most of the time I’m on the bike during weekends into any ghats or forest areas exploring places in and around Karnataka. I also take like-minded people on bikes to unexplored places. Motorcycle touring is not easy and not for every rider… Because it is Motorcycle Touring, not a weekend holiday ride. Passion, Interest, efforts, people connection, helping hands, risk …. everything counts every inch of the trip. I wholeheartedly thank everyone who supported, helped, assisted and contributed funds for this journey on a 32-year-old out-of-production bike which was not easy, but it was not “Impossible” when you have the desire to achieve it, and I made it,” added Sandeep.

“Riding on this bike across our country’s border when the whole country was celebrating 75 years of Independence, Paying respect to the brave soldiers. and ‘Exploring, Learning, and Sharing’ was the motto behind this ride. Our nation is vast with diverse cultures, languages, lifestyles, climates and much more. Additionally, I took a message of “Save Vintage and Classic vehicles” and the “significance of following traffic rules”. I am happy that Friends from many motorcycle clubs across the country supported me on this ride by various means, for which I am very grateful. And also the Mangalore Team of Yezdi Motorcycle Club, Mangaluru, and Team Mangalorean of Mangalorean.com for the wide coverage given in September 2022 and now once again in March 2023. Jai Hind! ” concluded Sandeep.

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