Mixing Savarkar with Ganesh puja, Hindutva groups play with communal fire

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Mixing Savarkar with Ganesh puja, Hindutva groups play with communal fire

Bengaluru: The ruling BJP and Hindutva forces have taken up the mission of idolising Veer Savarkar in Karnataka in spite of stiff opposition from some parties including Congress and other groups.

The issue has taken a communal turn with multiple stabbing incidents in Karnataka.

Hindutva groups have decided to reach out to every household on Veer Savarkar’s contribution and sacrifice to the Indian freedom movement during this Ganesh festival.

It has been decided to place Veer Savarkar’s photo with Lord Ganesh’s idol in Karnataka. Authorities have crossed their fingers over the development fearing a law and order situation.

Siddaramaiah, the Leader of Opposition questioned the BJP that why they would not accept Tipu Sultan as a freedom fighter and insist on promoting Veer Savarkar.

Karnataka Congress president D.K. Shivakumar questioned, “what is the connection between Veer Savarkar and Lord Ganesh?”

The ruling BJP which announced the cancellation of the celebration of the birth anniversary of Tipu Sultan had named a prominent flyover in Bengaluru after Veer Savarkar during the tenure of B.S. Yediyurappa despite stiff opposition.

The celebration of the 75th year of Independence Day again saw conflicts arising out of the promotion of Veer Savarkar and the dropping of all Muslim freedom fighters by the ruling BJP.

The inclusion of Veer Savarkar’s photo and the exclusion of the country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s photo from the poster released by the government of Karnataka also grabbed nationwide attention. The Congress cried foul over the “disrespect” towards the first Prime Minister of India.

Ravikumar N.M., a senior editor, said that Veer Savarkar can never have a history like Bhagat Singh.

“Savarkar was made as an accused in the murder case of Mahatma Gandhi. The ruling BJP that is not able to discuss… and deliver on day-to-day life of the common man is talking about religion and politics.

“The government is also not even trying to inculcate scientific temperament among young men and women. No room is given for discussion,” he explains.

Afsar Kodlipet, the Karnataka general secretary of SDPI states that the objection raised for the flex of Veer Savarkar in Shivamogga was rightful.

“There are 60,000 names of freedom fighters etched on the walls of India Gate. Not a single Muslim freedom fighter was promoted at a mall in Shivamogga. In the pretext of promoting Veer Savarkar, ruling BJP and Bajrang Dal activists have disrupted the celebration of 75th year of Indian Independence by thousands of Muslims,” he said.

The ruling BJP leaders attacked Congress that Veer Savarkar was called the remarkable son of India by late prime minister Indira Gandhi and opposition to Veer Savarkar is all about appeasement politics to ensure vote bank in the upcoming assembly elections.

Chakravarthy Sulibele, a right-wing thinker, and author has taken up a mission to distribute the small booklet that talks about Veer Savarkar and his struggles.

The authorities in Karnataka have meanwhile kept fingers crossed over the developments taking place around placing Veer Savarkar’s photo with Ganesh idol.

The ruling BJP, however, seems to be encouraging the trend. Party insiders explain that opposition to Veer Savarkar will only polarise Hindu votes for the party.

Savarkar is being promoted in the texts as well. Also, the state government is all set to establish a research centre exclusively on Savarkar.

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