Mluru Airport to handle 242 weekly ATMs in Summer Schedule from June 1

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Mangaluru International Airport (MIA) to handle 242 weekly Air Traffic Movement (ATM) in Summer Schedule from 1 June 2023- Bengaluru continues to be the most served sector, Patna New Connectivity

Mangaluru: Summer (aviation) schedule 2023 is well and truly on across India from March 26. Mangaluru International Airport is fully geared to play its part in aiding this schedule. This can be gauged from the fact that MIA up to May 31 will handle 234 weekly air traffic movements (ATMs) in the earlier part of the schedule that ends on October 28. In the latter part of the schedule from June 1, MIA will handle 242 ATMs each week.

Out of the 234 ATMs, 162 will be domestically operated, and the remaining 72 operated in the international sector. From June 1, domestic ATMs will touch 176 and international ATMs dip marginally to 66. A move by IndiGo to start a daily early morning flight to Patna via Bengaluru is the highlight of this summer schedule. IndiGo with 148 ATMs will operate a Lion’s share of the 162 domestic movements up to May 31.

This scenario will remain unchanged from June 1 when IndiGo will operate 162 out of 176 domestic movements with Air India making up for the remaining 14 with its daily morning flight to Mumbai. Bengaluru will remain the most connected domestic destination with 28 weekly flights (4/day) up to May 31. This number will rise to 35 (5/day) from June 1 with the airline restoring it’s through flight to Kolkata via Bengaluru.

Mumbai (3 flights/day), Hyderabad (2 flights per day), Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata (via Bengaluru) and Patna (via Bengaluru – 1 flight per day) and Ranchi via Pune (four flights per week) are the destinations covered domestically. Air India will be operating solely between MIA and Mumbai on the domestic front. IndiGo which at present is operating a daily flight to Dubai will pare it to four flights a week from June 1.

Internationally, Air India Express will cater to the bulk of overseas travellers from MIA operating 29 flights in a week up to October 28. These include 14 flights to Dubai (two daily), 4 weeks to Abu Dhabi, 3 weeks to Dammam and Muscat, two/weeks to Doha (direct) and two/weeks to Bahrain including one via Calicut and the other a direct flight and one flight to Kuwait, for a total of 72 ATMs/week. International ATMs from June 1 will be 66.

The aviation sector regulator – Directorate General of Civil Aviation has cleared operations of 22,907 flights per week from 110 airports in the summer schedule, representing a 4.4% increase from the winter schedule which is in sync with the robust growth in the aviation sector, not just domestically, but globally. The summer schedule 2020 had an approved flight roster of 24,409 flights, while the approved flight strength was 22,980 in 2021.

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