Mluru Police Commissionerate Display Rs 2 Crore 90 Lakhs Worth Recovered Stolen Items in 2020-21

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Mangaluru Police Commissionerate Display Rs 2 Crore 90 Lakhs Recovered Stolen Items in 2020-21- out of which are 105 stolen two-wheelers; 20 four-wheelers; 1 Lorry; 135 Mobile Phones; 20 Kg 490 gms Silver; 3 Kg 598 Gms Gold; and Rs 38,67,791 Cash. 726 culprits have been arrested involved in these thefts. Some of the recovered items were handed over to the owners during this occasion

Mangaluru: The city police, led by Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar, along with DCP’s Hariram Shankar and Dinesh Kumar, other high-rank officers along with police personnel on Thursday, 25 November returned a few recovered stolen items to the owners during the occasion– and the balance of recovered items after finalization at Court, will be handed over to the owners soon. Police returned a bunch of items, including jewellery, vehicles, electronic items/mobile phones, two-wheelers etc to the owners on this day. Most of the items were taken away during thefts, chain snatching or robberies. In regular cases, if police have recovered any stolen valuables, the owner of the items will have to go through legal and administrative processes to get these back.

Addressing the media, Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar said, “The city police have done a great job in recovering nearly 2.9 crores worth of valuables stolen between 2020 till date, and today we handed over part of the recovered items back to citizens. People own these items through their hard-earned money. When we returned the items, they felt very happy. Imagine gold stolen on a wedding day, it would be a terrible thing, but it has happened. And our police personnel through their dedicated efforts and techniques have been successful in recovering jewellery in such cases, thereby making the family happy. I know some items have sentimental value more than the cost, but for the thieves, it is a different story. Transparency in the police department has played an important role in recovering the valuables. Also through our latest technology, cybercrime force, and through communication through Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook, Internet etc it has been easy to apprehend the culprits”.

“We are also trying to introduce people-friendly policing, which will help the relationship between police and citizens. We are also cracking down hard on drug dealers who are making the youngsters addicted to drugs and ganja. We have been successful in nabbing many drug dealers, and we are in the process of breaking down the drug smuggling chain. While the police do their job by catching the culprits, the citizens need to be more proactive. I would also like to commend all the police personnel for their excellent efforts in catching the culprits and recovering the items to the best of their abilities, and they will be recognized with mementoes and certificates,” added the police commissioner.

Dakshina Kannada Deputy Commissioner Dr Rajendra Kumar who was the chief guest for the occasion said, “This is a very good initiative undertaken by the Police Commissioner and his team in having this programme, along with a small exhibit so that the public and students know more about the duties and responsibilities of the police. Taking precautions and being alert can prevent thefts and crimes. Businesses should have CCTV cameras which will be useful in the event of theft. I commend the city police for their excellent job in cracking down the theft cases, recovering a large number of stolen items worth crores, and also nabbing 726 culprits accused in thefts etc. People should have patience and faith in the police whenever a theft occurs, and not get arrogant, desperate and blame the cops. It takes time and effort to investigate and crackdown on the culprits. Once again my compliments to the Police Commissioner and his police force for a job well done in recovering the stolen items and apprehending the accused”.

A bunch of citizens were handed over keys to their respective vehicles which were recovered, also recovered jewellery and other items to the owners by the police commissioner along with DCP- and we could see the happy faces when these citizens received their lost valuables. “The intention is to return stolen properties to victims after we seize them from the accused. Once the case is over or the court orders the return of the seized property, we hand over valuables to complainants. It also enhances a person’s confidence in the police,” said DCP Hariram Shanker speaking to Team Mangalorean. Several citizens shared their experiences and thanked the police department for their proactive approach while interacting with Team Mangalorean.

A woman named Ms Dhanalaxmi from Thokkuttu who fell prey to jewellery theft on 15 March 2021, said, “When I was away thieves had entered my house, and stolen jewellery, mobile phones etc, luckily leaving back one mobile phone, which was helpful for me to call the cops after I noticed the theft. I would like to compliment the Ullal police for reaching my house within 5 minutes after I made a call, who did a thorough search, and after investigation, I was able to get 95% of my stolen jewellery worth Rs 3 lakhs, even though the cash of Rs 50 thousand stolen was used by the culprits. I am thankful to the police department for catching the thieves and returning my jewellery, some of which are very sentimental items for me, including the Mangalasutra”.

Yet another person, Ansar of Jokatte in the outskirts of the City, had a bunch of jewellery items worth Rs 11 lakhs stolen in June 2021, and he too wholeheartedly thanked the police for recovering the entire Rs 11 worth of jewellery within a short time. “Now I am very careful and never leave any valuable items at home when I travel out of town. Most of my valuables are in a safe locker at the bank. This was an experience for me to be alert and cautious about our belongings”.

The Star attraction of the event was 9-year-old Labrador Geetha, who is the sniffer dog of Mangaluru Police Commissionerate, and a bevvy of girls were all excited to take selfies with Geetha, and also pet her. On the occasion, ASI of CCB Vijay Kanchan was felicitated for bagging various laurels in State and National Weightlifting Championships, and Chinthan S Shetty, the son of ASI Kadri east police station S Shetty was also felicitated for winning awards in state swimming competitions. The prayer was sung by Jayanand -the Head Constable at Kadri east police station, the welcome address was delivered by DCP Dinesh Kumar. The programme was meticulously compered by Barke station police inspector Jyotitling Honnakatti.

The students of the Criminology Department of Roshni Nilaya School of Social Work, Valencia, Mangaluru under the guidance of their faculties Ms Sarik Ankitha (Head UG Dept) and Ms Anuradha Shetty (Head rural development dept) had participated in the programme. The students had hands-on practical exposure to various exhibits that were displayed relating to investigation and criminology. The students of criminology apart from theoretical knowledge gained first-hand practical input and exposure to various aspects and subjects. “It was an enriching experience for both the staff and students in order to carve a niche for themselves,” said Sarik.

In the year 2020, these were the cases- dacoity-3, detected-3; Robbery-13, detect4d-12; Chain snatching-15, detected 5; House-breaking Theft (HBT) by day-12, detected-5; HBT by night-77, detected-39; House Theft-15, detected-3; Ordinary Theft-185, detected-117; Cattle thefts-16, detected-12, Total : 353 cases, detected 212. 

In the year 2021 till date : Dacoity-13, detected-12; Robbery-24, detected-14; Chain snatching-14, detected-9; HBT by day-8, detected-1; HBT by night-51, detected-15; House theft-11, detected-4; Ordinary theft-135, detected-64; Cattle thefts-9, detected-7, Total cases: 277, detected-137.

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