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Modi and Shah Project Corrupt Yeddyurappa as CM Candidate – Narayanasamy

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Modi and Shah Engulfed by Clutches of Corruption, Dented and Tainted Leaders Rule BJP – Narayanasamy

  • Modi and Shah Project Corrupt Yeddyurappa as CM Candidate – Narayanasamy

Mangaluru: “For the last five years the Karnataka government led by CM Siddaramaiah has delivered 98% of the poll promises that were made to the people of the state. The biggest achievement of the Karnataka government is foreign investment, 24% of the investment is coming to Karnataka from abroad. It is 4% to Tamilnadu, 6 to 7% to Andhra Pradesh and the largest beneficiary of industrial development and investment in Karnataka because of the industrial climate created by the Siddaramaiah government. Waivers of farmers loan by the Karnataka government is with its own money but Narendra Modi was saying he is the friend of the farmers but the government of India did not give a single paise for the waiver of the farmers loan. Being a farmer Siddaramaiah knows the pain of the farmers and has waived the loan of the farmers. Karnataka in the Indian map is in the forefront for the lasts five years compared to the corruption, misadministration by the previous BJP government led by Yeddyurappa,” said the chief minister of Puducherry V Narayanasamy in a press meet held at the DCC office Mallikatta here on May 1.

Addressing the mediapersons Narayanasamy said, “Four years ago when Modi became the Prime minister he said that he will not indulge in corruption and will not allow anyone to involve in corruption. It is Unfortunate that Prime Minister Modi and National President Amit Shah have projected a person who was jailed for corruption in the mining scam Yeddyurappa as the CM candidate. It is a doublespeak, they say something and practice another thing. Prime minister and Amit Shah are opportunists. If such a person was in the Congress he would have been thrown out of the party “.

Narayanasamy further said, “BJP at any cost by hook or crook wants to enjoy power in this country. It has no policy, no programme, no principals, the Modi government has cheated the people of this country. They did not fulfil one percent of their promises. When the UPA government was in power whatever schemes were implemented, the BJP government changed the names and re-implemented the same schemes. When the UPA was in power 2,97,000 villages were electrified. More than 70% of the villages were electrified by the UPA government. For the past four years Modi was successful in fooling the people and now he has been exposed. BJP is only concentrating on communal issues for the purpose of winning the elections. They have no other agenda. They cannot say anything about the Yeddyurappa government. In every public meeting, the PM says that he cannot tolerate corruption and he cannot allow anyone corrupt by his side. But in every public meeting, we see Yeddyurappa sitting on his right side and the Bellary brother’s family sitting on his left side. This is how prime minister Modi practices what he has said to the people of this country.”

Narayanasamy also said, “When I was the minister for CBI and Manmohan Singh was the PM we never interfered in the process of investigation of the CBI. No one can point a finger at the Congress, even the Congress minister was sent to jail when we found allegations against them. But today the Modi government is misusing the official machinery, no more can we call it a Central Bureau of Investigation, we can call it Modi Bureau of investigation. The CBI is totally in the pocket of Modi and Amit Shah. There are several agencies in this country whether it is the CBI, Income tax Enforcement Directorate, all have been misused for the benefit of Modi and Amit Shah. The Republic of Bellary has the blessings of PM Modi with 8 assembly tickets and the CBI is working overtime to wash the sins of the Reddy brothers. No wonder CBI has surreptitiously withdrawn 6 cases of Goa – Karnataka -Tamil Nadu in India’s biggest Rs 35,000 crore, illegal Iron ore mining scam. Illegal iron ore is going from Karnataka to Goa and even the CBI is not investigating it because of the interference of politicians to protect and help Janardhan Reddy by the Modi government. Modi and Amit Shah have given 8 tickets to the Reddy family. The Reddy brothers and even Sriramulu has been projected as the deputy chief minister. It is a shame on the part of the nation that the people whom they are projecting as CM and deputy CM are involved in corruption and cases are pending against them in the Supreme court. On the other side, Yeddyurappa says whoever comes to canvas for us we welcome them. Modi and Amit Shah are opportunists and at any cost, by hook or crook they want to win the elections in Karnataka.”

AICC National Media Panelist Jaiveer Shergill, Suresh Shetty, Ibrahim Kodijal and others were also present.

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