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Modi creating two ‘Hindustans’ in India: Rahul

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Modi creating two ‘Hindustans’ in India: Rahul

Jaipur: Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of attempting to create two Hindustans in India, one for the rich and the other for the poor.

Gandhi also attacked Modi on diverse issues such as Goods and Services Tax (GST), demonetization and the Rafale deal while starting his Lok Sabha election campaign in Rajasthan from Suratgarh.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the last five years is wanting to make two Hindustans in India. One is meant for affluent people who have private jets and the other is for the poor made up of small traders, unemployed, poor farmers.”

If the country has one flag, then there should be one Hindustan which should accommodate everyone, said Gandhi.

“Only the rich have the power to dream in Modi’s Hindustan. Farmers, poor people need to give lakhs to send their wards to private schools and poor patients need to pay lakhs of rupees to private hospitals for medical treatment,” he alleged.

If a person suffers from cancer and a heart attack, they cannot be treated in Modi’s India, he said.

The Congress leader accused Modi of killing all development schemes meant for the poor like MNREGA.

Calling Modi a “chowkidar” of a few industrialists, Gandhi said the country needed to choose from two ideologies – one of BJP-RSS which triggers hatred and the other of Congress that believes in love and harmony.

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