Modi’s Kannada reference goes viral in Karnataka

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Modi’s Kannada reference goes viral in Karnataka

Bengaluru: Prime Minister Narendra Modi invoking the name of Basavanna or Basaweshwara, a 12th century saint, social reformer and poet, after laying the foundation for the new Parliament building in New Delhi has gone viral in Karnataka.

In the nearly one-minute clip, Modi refers to the Anubhava Mantapa that was established by the saint Basavanna as an academy of mystics, saints and philosophers of the ‘Lingayath’ faith in the 12th century. Anubhava Mantapa or Mahamane is located in Basavakalyan taluk in Bidar district.

In his speech, Modi said that the Parliament system had come into existence in 12th century itself with Bhagwan Basavanna establishing the Anubhava Mantapam.

Speaking in Kannada, Modi said, “Anubhava Mantapam Naadina mattu Janara Abhivurddhige Poorakavagi Kelasa Maduttade. (Anubhava Manatapam is established for the overall welfare and development of its people and the country).”

Elated by the Prime Minister’s reference, Karnataka Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa profusely thanked Modi for not only invoking saint Basavanna, but also referring to the Anubhava Mantapa. “I am deeply honoured for your reference about saint Basavanna and Anubhva Mantapa in Kannada language. Thank you once again Modji,” he tweeted.

In another tweet, he said that history is made as with the Prime Minister laying the foundation for the new Parliament building.

“The new Parliament will be a majestic representation of the world’s oldest civilisation and largest democracy, blending it’s cultural diversity and modern infrastructure,” he said.

Karnataka BJP said in a tweet that the new Parliament building will be the nation’s pride and this is a step towards building self-reliant India.

In its heyday, the Anubhava Mantapa was the fountainhead of all religious and philosophical thoughts pertaining to human values and ethics. It was presided over by the mystic Allama Prabhu and numerous ‘Sharanas’ from all over Karnataka and other parts of India were the participants.

One of the most revered saints by the Lingayat sect, Basavanna was a 12th century philosopher, statesman and poet involved with the Bhakti movement. He is still considered to be a great social reformer who stood for the rights of the underprivileged classes and women.

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