Mog Asom-2! Disco King Bappi Lahiri’s Connection with Kodiyal’s Konkani Singers Joel and Darrel

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Mog Asom-2! Disco King Bappi Lahiri’s Connection with Kodiyal’s Konkani Singers Joel Rebello and Darrel Mascarenhas, where Bappi had crooned a Konkani Song ‘Rani Muji Go Tu” which was incorporated in the Konkani Music Album “Mog Asom-2” compiled by Joel and Darrel, and was released on Christmas Eve 24 December 2017. The album was awarded as the “Best Album of the Year 2020” by the World Music Award in February 2020.

Mangaluru: The man who brought disco to the mainstream in the ’80s, set foot-tapping across India, Bappi Lahiri will forever be known as the musician who brought disco to the mainstream and catapulted the rise of it- and it is good to note that he had a bit of connection with Kodiyal’s/Mangaluru’s two Konkani singers Joel Rebello and Darrel Mascarenhas, in rendering his voice for a Konkani song “Rani Muji Go Tu”, incorporated in the ‘Konkani music album “MOG ASOM”! The album was awarded as the “Best Album of the Year 2020” by the World Music Award in February 2020. The response was overwhelming and it was evident from the fact that fans had changed their display pictures on social media to ‘Mog Asom 2’.

Before the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, Bappi Lahiri’s “Jimmy Jimmy, Aaja Aaja”, a popular disco-pop number from Mithun Chakraborty’s “Disco Dancer”, was a huge hit in the USSR (Russia) of the ’80s. Starved of any “western” popular culture, the country grooved to Lahiri’s version of the disco. Glittery jumpsuits, hundreds of twinkling light bulbs and Chakraborty’s pelvic moves accompanied by Lahiri’s synths, horns, rhythm guitars and syncopated basslines. Lahiri, 69, who heralded disco-pop and ruled film music in the ’70s and ’80s with a string of chart-topping songs, died in Mumbai on Tuesday due to obstructive sleep apnea. He had been in hospital for almost a month and had only returned home on Monday. He is survived by son Bappa Lahiri and daughter Rema Lahiri.

Bappi Lahiri was a matchless singer-composer. His songs found popularity not only in India but abroad. His diverse range included youthful as well as soulful melodies. His memorable songs will continue to delight listeners for a long time. His music was all-encompassing, beautifully expressing diverse emotions. People across generations could relate to his works. His lively nature will be missed by everyone. Many of his fans are saddened by his demise, including our local duo Konkani singers Joel Rebello and Darrel Mascarenhas. Darrel Mascarenhas and Joel Rebello’s (both of them hailing from Mangaluru) “Mog Asom-2” featuring one song sung by Bappi Lahiri took Konkani Music to the next highest level, when ‘Mog Asom-2 was released on Christmas Eve 24 December 2017. The fans of Konkani music during the 2017 Christmas season were overwhelmed after the album release. No doubt that “Mog Asom 2” – was a unique album with a complete package of a variety of songs and reached a record-breaking sale in the Konkani music Industry.

Joel Rebello seen with Bappi Lahiri and his wife, Ms Chitrani Lahiri

With the release of Mog Asom-2, Konkani music lovers across the globe were treated to the next level of rendition by the duo, Joel and Darrel. After a decade of the release of Mog Asom, Joel Rebello, the composer from Mangaluru, along with his friend Darrel Mascarenhas who was working then in the US, and now moved to Dubai, came out with Mog Asom 2, of which the Bollywood bigwigs were an integral part. Released in 2007, the original ‘Mog Asom’ had created ripples in its time and one of its songs, Ye Naari Ye, sung by Remo Fernandes has attained a cult status not only in Konkani functions but also a band favourite across Tulunadu till date.

Alex Madtha (Puttur) who Wrote & Composed the son “Rani Muji Go Tu”

The legendary Usha Uthup and Mangaluru’s very own Gurukiran’s songs in Mog Asom 2 served as icing on the cake. Bass guitarist Mohini Dey, who has worked with veterans like Zakir Hussain and A R Rahman, too, had worked on the album. Mog Asom 2 comprises 13 songs, of these five are remakes dedicated to the evergreen musicians of Konkani- Wilfy Rebimbus (instrumental), Eric Ozario, Henry D’Souza, Patrao Brothers and Alex Madtha. The album also encompasses a song by Portuguese singer Gonzago Cutinho and Spanish artiste Gina Bragin. The Mixing-Mastering was done in one of the most well equipped and advanced technology graded studios in the USA by none other than Darrel Mascarenhas himself.

Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Joel Rebello said, “Bappi Dada was the reason why we started to plan on Mog Asom-2. Initially, it was our friend Vijay Mascarenhas from Puttur who motivated us to start the project and we started it with an empty file named ‘Mog Asom-2. But Darrel and I were very sure that only if Bappi Dada sings the Konkani song “Rani Muji Go Tu” written and composed by Alex Madtha (Puttur), we shall continue to move on and produce the album. Even though it took a couple of years to complete the album, I and Darell are very privileged to have recorded this song with none other than the legendary “Disco King” Bappi Lahiri. He’ll always remain in our hearts forever. RIP Bappi Dada”.

Joel further said, “Even though producing the Mog Asom-2 was an expensive affair, we did this only for the love of music and in a bid to boost the Konkani music. With the advent of social media, songs get circulated online and there are not many musicians can do about it. However, we are happy that we have played our part in revolutionising the Konkani music world. And by associating with Bappi Lahiri we earned more name and fame. For me and Darell, Music is beyond liking and a hobby for us. Music is our passion and an essential part of our Life.“

Joel Rebello and Darell Mascarenhas definitely need no introduction, as their unmatchable quality and award-winning work has kept them shining and on top of the charts throughout. But for those who know just a little about them, here’s a brief introduction of the duo.


Since childhood apart from academics, Joel Rebello was actively involved in the entertainment sector and is incredibly active till date. He has been the Backing Vocalist for Lucky Ali of Bollywood fame. Joel was the only Vocalist chosen from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka (Winning Band) for the MoneyGram International Cricket for Peace initiative during Cricket World Cup 2011. Performing for over 200 stage shows at various platforms, He continues to keep the audience enthralled and swinging to his music till date. Currently, he works as a Promo Producer and Programmer for Radio Commercials for a FM Radio station.


Darrel has left no stone unturned with his unmatchable achievements. He graduated with the honour of being awarded the “Advanced Achievement Award” at Full Sail University, USA, where he obtained his Degree in Recording Arts. Darrel has produced the Background score for documentaries and worked as an Assistant for movies, namely “Minions”, “Batman Vs Superman” as well as for famous TV Series such as “Burn Notice” and “State Affairs” and as a Composer for the series “Desperate Housewives”. He has worked as a Mix and Mastering Engineer and Music Programmer for various albums, namely “Un-masked” released under the banner of Universal Record Music and many more in different languages. He won the Award of “Best Music Arranger” at the Maand Sobhaan, Konkani Global Awards as well as the “Audience Choice Award” for “Best Music Editing” for the 48-hour film project, “Soundtrack—The Next Step”. Until recently, he held the position of Music Composer/Sound Designer at Video Gaming Technologies, Inc. (VGT) at Reno, Nevada in the USA, and now he is employed with a private firm in Dubai.

The Duo, “Joel Rebello & Darrel Mascarenhas” had also produced the campaign Theme Song titled “Namo” for the “Prime Minister of India’, Narendra Modi. They have produced music and rendered their voice for TV Commercials of leading banks such as State Bank of India, Union Bank of India, Corporation Bank, Karnataka Bank, Dena Bank and many more and have also composed and produced caller tunes for Corporation Bank, Karnataka Bank and UCO Bank. Joel and Darrel have also produced music for various products such as Campco chocolate, OXY face wash (Japan’s No.1 brand- Rohto), IANT and many more.

They have performed at “MTV Roadies- Season 7”. Adding another feather to their cap was being awarded the “Winning Band” at the MoneyGram International – Cricket for peace Initiative, Being #1 in Karnataka State and #2 internationally for their Single “Aao Gao” for Cricket World Cup 2011. Their television commercial for Canara Bank won the Silver Award from the Public Relations Council of India. They have worked with legends such as Remo Fernandes, Usha Uthup and Guru Kiran. The duo continues to capture the hearts and minds of people across the globe with their excellent quality in Music.

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