Mom and Pops

Karl Khenneth Ebrahim
Age: 9 years
New Middle East International School
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Every morning there is a riot between my mother and me. It?s always over what I should eat for breakfast.  Mom wants me to eat rotis, and I want to eat Choco Pops. After some verbal warfare with Mom every day, you can guess who wins. Always the rotis, rarely my Choco Pops.

One day I hurried home thrilled.  I wanted to break this great news about the discussion we had in my class to my mom. It was all about the breakfast we students ate. Very excitedly I told her about how my entire class ate choco pops everyday expecting a positive reaction from her. With a whisper I continued “But, only Jignesh eats rotis?.

My mom started to give me this huge sermon on how I should obey my parents and not develop the herd mentality. She said I must always think for myself. After the news I gave her she has great respect for Jignesh and his parents.

I was disappointed. I felt I had finally won this battle with mom. I started thinking of strategies to try and convince her to give me choco pops more often. I asked myself, “How do I avoid going with the herd”? I scratched my head hard, went through some brainstorming, and after a lot of thought, went running into my mom?s kitchen to announce the outcome.

Mom, I said, “from now I will have roti?s, milk and CHOCO POPS!!!”

Author: Karl Khenneth Ebrahim- Saudi Arabia