MOMS helping MOM! Lactating Mother Asking for Breast Milk for Baby on SM Gets Good Response

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MOMS helping MOM! Lactating Mother Asking for Breast Milk for Baby on Social Media Gets Good Response from a Dozen of Lactating Mothers

Mangaluru: From ‘Breast is Best’ to ‘Fed is Best’! A Heartbreaking appeal for breast milk for her infant by a City lactating mother on social media has received a good response with a dozen lactating mothers coming forward to donate breast milk for the requesting Mother’s premature newborn baby. 26-year-old Anusha from Car Street in Mangaluru had delivered a premature baby due to pre-eclampsia. It is learnt that when Anusha was pregnant, she had suffered from Preeclampsia, posing danger to the lives of both mother and child. And this had resulted in the baby being delivered through a surgical procedure.

The baby during birth weighed just 900gm and two months later, when the baby was discharged from the hospital a couple of days ago, it weighed 1.4 kg. Due to this, the premature delivery has caused the mother to produce less milk, and the doctors had advised Anusha to find lactating mothers who could donate breast milk, to tide over the shortage. After trying all kinds of means trying to obtain breast milk but all in vain, Anusha took to social media to find donors. Luckily, within a day, she received over a dozen responses from lactating mothers who were willing to donate breast milk.

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Anusha said “Since the baby was underweight, the doctors had advised her to find breast milk donors. To gain weight, the baby requires 30ml of breast milk to be fed every two hours. My family tried finding breast milk from facilities in the city, including the milk bank at Government Lady Goschen Hospital. The facility was not of much help, as it did not have excess milk. My family was facing financial difficulties, as the hospitalisation of the baby extended for two months incurred huge expenses. With no other source, I decided to use social media for help, and I am thankful to all those who came forward to help me with my request. I got responses from DK, Udupi, including Puttur, Karkala”

Currently, five lactating mothers living in Mangaluru city limits are donating their excess breast milk to her, it is learnt.

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