More Spending on Development Works Around the Clock Tower Will NEVER STOP?

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More Spending on Development Works Around the Clock Tower Will NEVER STOP?

Mangaluru: One thing for sure that any development project taken up and finished by Mangaluru smart City Ltd (MSCL) will not be perfect for the First time, there will be one after the other changes coming up after the work is done in the beginning. And here is yet another example of the Clock Tower and its surrounding, where there have been addition and deletion every now and then. Even though nearly Rs one crore had been spent on the new Clock Tower, which was not really needed, and the inauguration of that project is still not done. However, it is learnt that once the garden around the existing Clock Tower, and the pedestrian plaza, landscaping, Children’s Park, Amphitheatre in front of Town Hall, then only the formal inauguration will take place, as per rumours.

As per MSCL, the Smart City works to give a makeover to the Hampankatta area, the central business district of the city, are expected to be completed by the end of this month. The pedestrian plaza work undertaken by MSCL in front of Town Hall is about to complete, Speaking to Team Mangalorean MSCL General Manager (Technical) Er Arun Prabha said, “The road flaring work for the smooth flow of traffic and landscaping is being taken up near the Clock Tower. The Clock Tower is a completed project, but the loop road from Clock Tower-AB Shetty Circle-Hamilton Circle- Rao and Rao Circle-Clock Tower is one-way, and once all the works, including the pedestrian plaza are completed, then a formal inauguration will take place. Most of the work being taken up under the Smart City project is in its final stage,”

“Regarding the pedestrian plaza, the hardscaping works are near completion. The landscaping works are being deliberately delayed, as we feel that it would be appropriate to complete it, just before the monsoon. The loop road is more or less complete, except for a few patches, and the Mangaluru City Corporation has also taken up works on developing the city bus stand. Meanwhile, the Mahatma Gandhi statue in front of the Town Hall will be shifted from its original location, to the front of and closer to the Clock Tower, so that it is more visible” added Er Prabha.

He further said, “There will be a small children’s park, with a jet fountain on the right side of the statue, and landscaping will be taken up on the left side. Encircling Mahatma Gandhi statue smarak, there will be a pathway that will lead into another landscaped area that serves as a sitting area for the amphitheatre. The amphitheatre has been planned with the Town Hall in the backdrop. This will be a special and wonderful area in the heart of the city, once the works are completed,”.

Well said by MSCL GM, and well planned by MSCL, but just like other completed projects, they last only for a few weeks or months and will be out of use due to poor maintenance and care. Just look at the Musical Fountain near Kadri park, a few lakhs of taxpayers has gone down the drain, since the Fountain is non-functional, and no one is bothered to restore it back. Just look at the new parks, you will see garbage scattered and plants dead with no water- similarly with the plants dead on the new road medians, by not watering them. Similarly, could be the same situation within a few weeks or months, of the new park, children’s park, amphitheatre etc coming up around the Clock Tower, and in the Town Hall premises, once completed. That’s NOT SMART works by SMART CITY !


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