Most Successful Countries in the Eurovision Song Contest

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Most Successful Countries in The Eurovision Song Contest

Hate it or love it, the Eurovision song contest is one of the most-watched and participated shows in Europe’s history. It has seen contestants from over 52 countries and despite such a huge number, the competition has recorded winners from only 27 countries—with the lowest recording a single win and the highest recording seven impressive wins. Despite such a great track record, many still wonder which countries have experienced the most success at the Eurovision song contest. Continue reading to find out more.

1. Ireland

Betway recently conducted a study on the Eurovision’s greatest hits and disclosed that Ireland holds the largest number of wins.

The country has won the contest seven times and made its Eurovision debut in 1965.

Dana’s “All Kinds of Everything” took the country into the winning leagues in 1970, bypassing the United Kingdom and moving on to victory at the event hosted in Amsterdam. Ireland’s next win came ten years later at the Hague. Thanks to Johnny Logan, who moved the crowd with his hit. “What’s another year?.” In 1987, Johnny Logan made his way back into the competition, winning for a second time as an individual and a third time for the nation with his hit song, ‘Hold me Now.’

2. Sweden

After Ireland comes Sweden, a country that has won the Eurovision contest six times since it debuted in 1959. Their first win was in 1974 when Abba performed their future hit titled “Waterloo” in Brighton. A decade later, Abba’s spot was taken by the Herreys, whose moving tune “Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley” won them the 1984 Eurovision first place position in Luxembourg. Sweden won two more first-place positions in the 90s before experiencing two more impressive wins in 2012 and 2015.

3. The United Kingdom

Nowadays, the United Kingdom hasn’t made a substantial mark in the Eurovision competition, which is a stark difference from the 90s, when they pushed through every one of them, making music that won them the first place position five times.

Popular songs from their wince include “Puppet on a String” by Sandie Shaw, “Boom Bang-a-Bang’ by Lulu,” “Save your kisses for me” by Brotherhood of Man, “Make your mind up” by Bucks Fizz, and “Love Shine a Light by Katrina & the Waves.” In addition to winning five times, the United Kingdom holds the record for winning second place 15 times since its debut in 1957.

4. Italy

Italy boasts of two major wins and its participation as a founding Eurovision country back in 1956. Gigliola Cinquetti guided the country to their first win in 1964, with Toto Cutugno bringing them the first place position after 27 years. Italy has the smallest number of wins so far, but they’re known to score high positions in countless Eurovision competitions. They’re one country known to always place within the top 10 ever since their debut.

5. Russia

Since 1994, Russia has continued to make a strong impression, from its contestant choice to the quality of its songs. They might not have had several victories under their belt, but Russia is considered one of the most successful participating countries in the Eurovision contest in the 21st century.

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