Mother’s Day Fruit Carving

Mother’s Day reminds us of the warmth and love we received through the wonderful beings that are our mothers.  I wanted to create something special on this day, my object of creativity being a watermelon.
When I started carving fruit about three years ago, I was inspired by character carvings and always wanted to carve a figure.  For various reasons I stopped carving fruit for couple of years.  Since I lost my Mom a year ago, I have been thinking of carving her image and finally made up my mind today to carve her face as a dedication on Mother’s day.
Although I am not a pro at carving images, I have done my best to carve my mom’s image on a watermelon and this is how the final piece evolved.

Creating and printing an image:

First, I cropped the pictures to include the head and shoulders of the subject.

Once the image is cropped from the original picture, I resized it proportionally to 600 pixels wide. This makes the patterns easier to work with, and provides for more detail.  Next, grayscale the image. It may also be necessary to adjust the brightness and contrast of the image to make the subject’s features stand out.

Last Step! Your pattern should now look like a black & white version of what the final will look like. That’s it! Do a final save on your pattern, and you’re done! Just be sure that when you print it, you use the “print full page”.

Creating and printing the words:

Type the words you are going to use for carving, change the font to desired size.  I have used the font size 68.  After typing the desired words, highlight the entire word(s) and click on font. Chose your choice of font and under effect, check on outline, and print.

Original Image

Final Image

Transferring the image and words on a watermelon:

First, you cut a thin piece on the bottom to create a stable base. Using a sharp pencil, draw out the letters and image of your liking. With a sharp knife, carefully carve out the letters and image.
Hope your Mother’s Day is a wonderful and joyous occasion.  To all the Mothers, I wish you – A Very Happy Mother’s Day!

Author: Queenie Mendonca- USA