‘Motivate yourself to succeed in life’

These are the words of a young entrepreneur. A man with a mission, to empower today?s youth and the senior citizen alike with an income plan which no MNC or equity company can provide.

Meet Mr. Sujit Jadhav , Managing Director of Biz Idea –  A go-getter with a positive attitude. He always connects with varied people and guides them for their betterment.  A staunch believer in Karma, he believes that he needs to give back to the society the returns the way it has given him success. Hence, he wants to do a lot of activities for the upbringing of the masses. A kind hearted soul, a happy go lucky person who never let an opportunity to excel go by.

He always had plans to become an entrepreneur. But, had dreams of venturing into a path where any dare devil will dread to tread! He got fascinated by the MLM business. The giants like Amway, Modi care, RMP. Forever Living etc etc. But the binary system was a tough cookie to crack.

So, while working on similar system, he hit upon an excellent idea. A biggest threat to the MLM industry itself is to bring in new members who in turn will get more members and the chain grows. The primary person who is at the head of the tree gets rewarded every time the tail grows. Thus, the joinee has to ensure more and more people join the business and thereby get an income which multiplies and grows.

This business model helps the individual, his members who join him and the corporate which is the back bone! But, the one who does not bring in at least 4 persons under him and moreover if nobody under him works then he does not stand to gain. His idea of becoming a self employed person takes a severe beating. So, brilliant that he is, Sujit thought upon a Biz idea! The same name he has given to his company.

This new idea is very simple. Sujit will enroll a new member for a small sum and will not ask the person to bring in new members. He will ask the member to sit idle for 10 months. Instead he and his team will work on adding new members to the new person?s chain, what is called a down line in this business. The new member has to wait for 45 days, by then Sujit and his team has ensured a sizeable team under his name.

The payout starts on the 46th day of his joining date. The amount is transferred to the joiner?s account. He gets this amount for a full ten months without any efforts. He can invest this amount and sit pretty at home if he is a senior citizen, or if he is an employee elsewhere, concentrate on his work. Again, if the candidate is ambitious, has energy, inclination to engage and succeed further in this field, he can go on making members, which will guarantee him more income.

How is this idea for a non-brainer?

Why do we have to admire Bill Gates, Steve Jobs , Mike Zuzerberk  of the world? We have a great brain right here in the midst of us. A brilliant middle class brain which can give shivers to any entrepreneur, Indian or Global. Let?s go ahead and listen from the dare devil himself, what he has to say?

ACHIEVEMENTS: India Young Achievers award 2010 by Indian Society for Industry and Intellectual Development

Brief Interview:

Sujit, You are one of the successful entrepreneurs among Mahrashtrians in Mumbai today, how do you find this?

I am proud to be a successful entrepreneur. But, I am worried about the fact is, it imperative to stay there for long. It is not an easy task. Consistency is very important. I would like to see that this business grows and grows and be the livelihood of many of my Indian brethren.

Who is your target customer?

Donald, for that matter every Indian is my customer. Any one, right from the age of 18 years with sound maturity to 70 years of age.

To what extent a new joinee can earn by being a part of your team?

.Biz Idea per se is not a money making machine. It is a money making idea. I would like to stress on the fact that Biz idea is not a business where you get ROI. It is a concept by which you can earn extra income. The concept is, which I call it as a reverse motivational process. If you ask someone to put in hard work, they will seldom do so. At Biz idea, we motivate them to work. There is no limit as to how much a person can earn. It is a billion dollar idea which I thought can be workable and pay rich dividends to the deserving candidates.

Tell me about your beginnings? How did you start this company?

I was working with an MNC. I was being paid a fixed big salary. But, I was not satisfied.

Today, what does an average person need? He needs money to live a satisfied living. They need financial security for stability in life. I started the business just like that There was no plan as such. I hit upon a brilliant idea. That?s why I have named my company ?Biz Idea?.

While working with multi-level marketing companies. I was very aggressive on the field. But, I was not getting people who match my enthusiasm. The difficulty people were facing was to enroll new members. They were not able to convince people to join this MLM or Multi Level Marketing business or were afraid to sell the idea for fear of rejection!

The people who willingly accept this MLM mode of business are around 1% of the total members. They are the people who make money out of this business model. Rest all are strugglers who join, work for a while and then quit.

I thought about an idea that 1% of the populace can make money, then why can?t the others should not make money. I wanted to get these people to taste success and make a happy, honorable living. I created a system where my company will make members for them and in turn they will pay me a nominal sum. When people started realizing that they are getting more and more amount of returns, they actually started working hard and they are surprised about their own achievements.

This way my concept became a big time income earning tool for them. The non-performers actually become great performers. That is what Biz Idea is all about.


(Business Partners with Life Partners) 

Was it difficult in the beginning to enroll members?

It was difficult before I started Biz Idea. But, after I got the idea rolling, there were many takers. It was very easy to convince people. I started telling them not to work and you will get a fixed income. They embraced the idea and went on investing time and money more and more. Everyone needs an extra income, but with less input, efforts. So through Biz Idea I convinced them and sold this concept!

What are your plans to expand the business, if I may ask?

I am planning to give out franchises all across India.  I have four branches in Mumbai alone. I have franchisees in Pune, Surat, Agra, Bharatpur, Delhi & Bangalore.

What is the contribution of your team members in your success?

I have a partner in this business. His name is Mr. Hemant Maurya. He is an aeronautical engineer by profession. He was not convinced earlier about this concept, but when he realized and saw the acceptance of people he was totally convinced. Because of his involvement and both of our hard work which has helped us to attain the pinnacles of success. The joint efforts of both of us have made Biz Idea what it is today!

What are your words of advice to new members who join your company?

My piece of advice to new joinees is to buy a service or product from me. If they are satisfied, then refer other people to me. It is quite natural. More over word of mouth is very effective!

What are your growth plans? Any plans to work for the betterment of the society?

I would like to give back to the society abundantly. I have plans to be an entrepreneur and roll out many diversified businesses. I would like to make forays into Infrastructure, Housing development, manufacturing sector. I would like to float a multi dimensional company. I have already floated Maxwell Fin Tech Services Private Limited. This company is into Sale / Purchase of all types of products /Services which are uniquely distinct and are promoted through Network Marketing all over India and International market. Maxwell has made active forays in Infrastructure development, Construction business, Organic farming etc. Maxwell is also a sub-broker of Anagram Capital & IB (Introducing Broker) of  XTB Forex Trading. I shall see the progress and expand the company.

What is the feedback from senior citizens and the youth alike?

For the senior citizens, it is like a life saving oxygen. They would require such additional income in their old age. For the youth/working class it is an additional income to realize their dreams. At Biz Idea they have to make one time investment. That?s all. Once they start getting more and more income, then sky is the limit. They will be self motivated to put in extra efforts and money as the returns are directly proportional to their efforts.

What are your plans for the youth?

I am amused at the alarming rate the kids of today respond to electronic gadgets. Take for example, a simple device like a mobile phone. Every two year old kid knows how to operate or play with a cell phone. They are today the masters of any electronic toy or whatever you call it. Even the kids are fiddling with computers. They know how to work on paint brush software. This observation of mine strengthens the case of youth. They are pretty advanced, as they are breath-neckingly travelling in jet speed to scale the heights of success. Always the situation is, follow your peers. I would like to call upon this youth to think out of the box. To dream of new ventures.

I request every Indian young and old alike to think in a different perspective. To work towards a new future! The young entrepreneur need not follow in hi Father or Grand father?s footsteps. Be Brave. Come out of the closet. Accept the new challenges the world has thrown at you. You will scale greater heights.

What is your advice to the young turks? Say, the young breed who has just completed a year in a new job?

I would like to advise the young brigade that they should ask questions to themselves, as to they have joined an organization for what purpose? Just for compulsion or have any solid foundation forth future. What I believe is a person can be successful if only he knows and I determined to become what  he wants to become. By succumbing to pressure of his parents and elders alike he or she should not embrace any career. The person should decide what he wants to do and go ahead . Then only the person will taste success.

Thank you Sujit, it was great pleasure talking to you. Wish you all the best in your endeavor.

Thanks and most welcome .Donald.

(After getting his intelligent views on motivating people to attain success, I am pretty much convinced that here is a visionary who is determined to reach higher echelons in entrepreneurship, but will care for the common man as He cruises along the path to more and more successful business ventures.)

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Author: Donald DSilva- Mumbai