Motorists to Get Injured or Lose Lives- It’s Once Again Potholes Nightmare In Bendorewell?

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Motorists to Get Injured or Lose Lives- It’s Once Again Potholes Nightmare In Bendorewell?

Mangaluru: We have Summer, Monsoon and Winter seasons, but in Mangaluru we have Pothole Season. Although it’s bad to drive on the main City streets, stricken with numerous potholes — similar problems have been experienced by Mangaloreans driving on the side streets and lanes. It’s a treacherous time — It’s once again pothole season in Kudla. The City streets are decorated with potholes, and I bet between each kilometre there are chances that you’ll come across potholes. Mangaluru roads have started resembling the craters on the moon.

And the MOTHER of all the POTHOLES in Mangaluru is seen opposite Radha Medicals, Bendorewell, and these potholes are getting BIGGER & BIGGER day by day, and neither the area ward corporator nor the MCC Mayor, MCC Commissioner and other officials in MCC have bothered to take any action. And the worst part is that every year huge potholes appear in the same location, and no one has taken an initiative in concreting the area, while a little further from that spot has been concretized. Bah humbug!


It happens again and again and again. Heavy rains, heavy traffic and alternating periods of warm and cold have scarred local streets and the potholes pop up — and this has formed a worst-case scenario for repair crews who are struggling to find and fix all the emerging potholes. But are they doing the job right? I don’t think so. Throwing some loose stuff in a hole and just hoping the traffic driving over it will fix it, will not serve the purpose. The evidence now says otherwise. I think the only way to solve the current pothole mess is to lay a two-layered concrete road with a seal coat but the problem is, our authorities I bet are busy playing blame games.

And these potholes are dangerous to lives, especially for two-wheeler riders, who could get seriously injured or lose lives. Recently there have been TWO INCIDENTS, where a youth riding a bike lost his life, and an MSc student of Mangalore University was seriously injured, both trying to avoid potholes. On Sunday, 7 August, a young scooter rider, in an attempt to avoid a pothole on the road, rammed his two-wheeler into a road divider and died – the incident took place near Kandettu Cross, Bikarnakatte on NH 73. Aathish (20), a resident of Konchady, was the rider who lost his life.

While he was heading home, he didn’t notice the pothole that was before the divider due to rainwater and trying to avoid it, he lost control and hit the divider. His head had hit against the iron reflector pole that is installed between the divider, and the seriously injured Aatish was rushed to a hospital but he succumbed on the way. In another incident that took place a few days ago, a final-year MSc (environmental science) student from Mangalore University met with an accident when riding a two-wheeler, and attempting to avoid a pothole on the Netravati Bridge on National Highway-66, on the way to Mangalore University. The injured Nishmitha P S, 22, has undergone surgery, and doctors have told her that the plaster will be on for a minimum of two months, and it will require about six months to remove the rod that has been inserted in her hand.

In that condition, she will not be able to answer the -NET exam, which is scheduled on August 11 and 12. What bad luck for an aspiring student who will not be able to attend the final-year semester examinations and UGC-NET exam. And just like these two young persons, chances are that many more youth and adults will risk their lives, riding on the pothole-ridden City streets and NH’s. But does anyone in the district administration, MCC or NHAI care about the safety and lives of the motorists?


Driving/Riding on Mangalore streets, and for that matter, even on the outskirts of the City, is like an obstacle course. Drivers keep swerving and manoeuvring to make sure they miss every pothole. These potholes have also worsened the chronic traffic jams which Mangaloreans face every day, especially near Bendorewell, Nanthoor Junction, Bunder, Kottara-Chowki, among other places. Anyone who has had the misfortune of commuting on the stretch from Bendorewell junction going towards Balmatta or Bendore will testify what a great pain the ride is – literally – owing to the numerous potholes that punctuate the road. I bet a ride on this stretch is akin to a ride on a ‘ camel’s ‘ back- just bumpy!

As long as cheap quality tar is being used and layered too thinly, we will continue to have these problems every year. It’s an obvious pattern and I wonder why nobody is looking into this, or better yet, our city officials should visit other metropolitan cities in India or other countries and see how they are coping with this matter. Without any delay, MCC should undertake a major exercise to refurbish City’s potholes.

It has been weeks that the potholes on Bendorewell road are becoming worse each day, making driving/riding there increasingly risky for motorists. There are numerous potholes in this area, including a huge one which could knock down two-wheeler riders. The potholes pose a grave danger to motorists. One two-wheeler rider Vincent, who negotiates these potholes daily, said: “These potholes are dangerous. We are tired of reporting the matter to the traffic police who patrol the area because reporting to MCC they don’t take motorists seriously. These roads should have been fixed a long time ago. Every year at the same spot we see huge potholes- why can’t MCC fix it once and for all”.

While MCC is busy laying interlock bricks on inner streets, they have forgotten the main road like this one, where potholes appear every year during monsoon time, and this year too. Potholes aren’t just a nuisance for drivers; they also constitute dangerous safety hazards that can produce substantial damage to vehicles, force drivers to veer suddenly in traffic, or even cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle. The gaping streets can also damage a car’s alignment and suspension system. The city crews should take quick action to fix the potholes before they get deeper and worse — thereby avoiding severe driving hazards and vehicle damage.

So while waiting for this road to be restored for a smooth ride, just brace yourself because it’s once again pothole season in Mangaluru. And for sure, the MCC authorities will not take any action, until a few tiny cars like’ Maruti Suzuki Alto’ get stuck in the pothole or a few riders fall off their two-wheelers. Until then bear with the potholes or curse someone at the MCC— and still, keep driving safely.

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