Mr Lancy Mascarenhas – Mangalorean Star

Mr Lancy Mascarenhas – Mangalorean Star

Lancy Constructions has been a popular name in all types of construction work for years now. Be it multi-story buildings, churches, mosques and temples, Lancy constructions has retained singular consistency in quality work. The brain behind the quality construction is none other than the noble man and social activist Lancy Mascarenhas.

Lancy Mascarenhas was born on February 13, 1949 in Derebail to the late Francis and the late Carmine Mascarenhas. He has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Lancy is second child among 6 siblings. He married Jacintha D’Souza of Angelore on November 15, 1976. The couple has 3 daughters, eldest daughter Nishaal is an architect and married to Reuben D’Silva, an engineer and they have 2 kids. Second one is Nilima and the youngest is Niyola.

Lancy completed his primary education in Derebail followed by his SSLC in Milagres High school. Later He joined Karnataka Polytechnic to earn diploma in Electrical Engineering. He was a good volleyball player and was the captain of the Volleyball team when he was a student. From 1972 to 1983 he was the volleyball coach for St Agnes College, and he has trained 10 students for University level and 4 students for National level.

As soon as he completed his education in KPT, he stopped his volleyball coaching as he was attracted towards construction and started to construct bathrooms, kitchen and toilets. Though being a diploma holder in electrical engineering, he proved himself equally proficient in civil work with dedication. In 1972 he started his own business of sound system and electric work in Urva Stores. He was certified licence-holder in electrical, plumbing and drainage work and he says, by God’s grace, in 1973 the government brought in a rule making drainage system compulsory. This helped him to get more work in building small toilets, kitchens and bathrooms.

At a very young age he started to climb the ladder of success and within 9 years he started building small houses. In 1982 Lancy was well established and he built the first building for Hotel Dhanyavad, followed by Adarsh and then came Surya, Fernandes and Ashirvad. From there onwards he never looked back.

His journey continued in the construction world and he started to build apartments and commercial buildings for Kunil, Mohtisham, Ranga Pai, Suresh Shet, Vivian Kamath and many others. Within 5 years, he started to build his own buildings. So far he has built 27 churches, 4 engineering colleges, 30 schools, 33 convents and 4 temples namely Vaishyasamaja temple Haldipur, Panchalingeshwara temple in Kavu, and Bunder. He has also built 4 mosques in Suralpadi, Kodani, Thumbay groups, Hamad Majid and Kankanady. His company has been awarded ISO 9001 certificate for the quality work. As a contractor he has built more than 1000 buildings of the best quality in and around Mangalore.

He is the recipient of the following awards:

  • Rachana 2006
  • Ultra Excel Award 2008 from ACCE
  • South Canara District Rajyostava Award 2010 for the social service.
  • Prasar Konkni Puraskar – 2010
  • Noble Man award 2011 from 8 All India Kannada Cultural Convention 2011 held in Mumbai
  • Hradaya Vahini award
  • State-level Aryabhata Award from Abhimanigala Sangama from Bangalore Suma Saurabha award 2010
  • Coastal Times

He has been nominated for a National award to be held in December at Matunga Mumbai. According to him he does not have any role models in his life. He believes in hard work and has promoted his own buildings. His daughter, Nishaal an architect and her husband Reuben D’Sliva, an engineer, both design according to the plot. The material used for the building is produced in their own factory – except cement, iron rods, wood and tiles. Lancy Constructions manufactures fibre doors for bedrooms, bathrooms, hollow wall blocks, interlocks and pavement blocks, instant concrete mixers, manufacturing industry of concrete door and window frames and pre-cast concrete blocks. The company has 40 vehicles, 10 heavy equipment / earth-movers / poclains and one Bobcat, and a 2,000-strong workforce rendering its service.

As already mentioned, when the company purchases a plot, his daughter and son-in-law design the building accordingly, based on the location and geographical ambiance. The construction work is done by Lancy constructions. The company itself promotes and sells the flats and commercial offices. It is totally an in-house business, he says.

His hobby is work. His daily schedule begins at 7.30 a.m, spending time at the construction sites and checking the progress right up to 8.30 p.m. After 8.30 p.m he comes home and spends quality time with his family. He has travelled to most of the countries except Australia, Russia, Africa and New Zealand.

His message to the readers is – for a person, to prosper in life five things are very important. They are God’s blessings, Strength, Hard work, luck and the hospitality. “If we have all these qualities within us then we will reach to greater heights without any hurdles,” he asserts.

More about the company:

Lancy Constructions, Mangalore’s leader in the construction field has obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification from Pery Johnson USA.. Although there are a couple of promoters and builders in Mangalore who have achieved the ISO certification, Lancy Constructions is the only full-fledged construction company in Mangalore to receive this certification.

The firm, established in 1973, built up its reputation associating with diversified clientele on the pillars of reliability, resourcefulness, timely completion and quality construction both within the state as well as neighbouring Goa and Kerala states.

Entry into Construction Field: Year 1973. Drainage system was being introduced in Mangalore those days. Lancy was a licensed plumber looking for work offers. He started getting small job orders like construction of toilets and bathrooms, and drainage-related works. And while undertaking these jobs in the existing buildings, cracks in the walls were a common problem. Lancy was asked to attend to them too and he worked to the satisfaction of his clients. Slowly from plumbing contractor, Lancy turned out to be a Civil contractor.

Honesty is a virtue which Lancy had accomplished from childhood. He worked hard with sincerity in every job, be it big or small. But people of Mangalore could not trust him fully. How could they trust the capacity of a young man of just 24 years? But undeterred Lancy worked hard and harder in every small and sundry offer.

The year 1982 brought Lancy to limelight. Lancy was offered the contract for construction of ‘Dhanyavad’ Building of Komal’s Group at Hampankatta (signal) junction. It was a turning point in Lancy’s life. With the completion of attractive and unique Dhanyavad Building, ‘Lancy Constructions’ became a household name in the city and around. Later on in the 1980s Adarsh Hotel, Ashirvad Building, Kunil Centre and many more buildings in Mangalore were built by Lancy. In 1984, he constructed ‘Pompei Shade Apartments’ and that marked Lancy’s entry into the apartments field.

By 1986 Lancy started getting offers from outside DK district. St Joseph’s High School Hassan was the first project beyong the ghats. ‘Puneeth Sadan’ the Seminary building of Karwar was the first biggest project outside the district. Simultaneously, he started getting church construction orders across and outside Mangalore diocese. St Lawrence Church at Bondel was the first one constructed by Lancy. Then was the Bajpe church, in the shape of an aeroplane. To this date he has constructed over 25 churches, and 17 among them are in Uttar Kannada district. The Infant Jesus shrine at Bikarnakatta, Mangalore built, according to the plan of architect Dharmaraj, has given him great satisfaction. He has completed 12 projects in Bangalore, including Loyola and St Joseph’s Indian High School.

The decade of 1990s saw Lancy at the height of entrepreneurship. Lancy Constructions operated through divisions, viz, Mangalore, Bangalore, Uttar Kannada and Goa, with 66 projects at a time. Later he started concentrating more on the native twin districts- DK and Udupi and he is now the most-sought-after builder. Most of the promoters in this region are queuing up to give their projects to Lancy and that is the witness of Lancy’s sincerity and trustworthiness.

The Brand Lancy Constructions: The small firm started in 1973 with a few employees has grown leaps and bounds over the years. It boasts of 25 engineers, 150 supervisors and over 2000 employees who earn their daily bread from here. The firm owns all the modern equipment to put up huge complexes and sky scrapers without delay. They are the first locals to own a ready mix concrete plant in Mangalore.

St Joseph’s Hassan, Rosario Mangalore and St. John’s Shankerpura near Udupi are a few of the 25 school buildings, a number of convents, auditoria and other structures of various sizes and shapes are a few examples of excellence of this brand. Most of the buildings of St Joseph’s Engineering College, Vamanjoor are built by Lancy. The MBA College, boys’ hostel and girls’ hostel buildings are under construction at SJEC campus. At present, in Mangalore, Lancy is constructing the buildings of 4 Enginnering Colleges, 2 International schools and the administrative block of St Aloysius College. Lancy Constructions are the regular builders for Mohtisham, In-Land, Land Links, City Developers, Essel Builders and other promoters.

The Empire Mall building on Mahatma Gandhi Road in Mangalore and other commercial complexes speak volumes about the builder’s capacity. Essel Centre, now coming up on Mahatma Gandhi Road, is a prominent landmark. The last floor of the Mangalore City Corporation Building and beautification of the front portion has been done by Lancy. Renovation of the Town Hall has had great deal of work by Lancy. Unity Health Complex Nursing School was built by Lancy.

Thousands of families live in the residential complexes constructed by Lancy. Recently inaugurated Inland’s ‘Ebony’ on Kadri Road is a round-shaped architectural marvel, the rarest and first of its kind in Mangalore. Construction work of ‘Ashoka Paradise’ at Ashoknagar, Urwa consisting of 260 flats and ‘Ashoka Excellency’ near Urwa Market with 120 flats are in progress.

Lancy has built big and small houses numbering in hundreds, a number of villas and bungalows. Lancy has the goodwill of finishing the job in hand on time even when his promoter/client faced financial crunch.

By building fine edifices for the society, Lancy has indeed built a fine image for himself in society.



Louis Pereira, India:
well done Lancy Sir I wish you all the best in your every achievements
God may full fill your all dreams come to true wish you and your family hammy x mas and new year

from Louis and Bindu from holenarasipura


Don, Canada:
CONGRATULATIONS !!!! Well done. Keep up the good work


Edward Fernandes, Malaysia:
Congratulation on being Mangalorean Star Best wishes from Edward Fernandes and family Milagres Castel


Mohamed Ali Uchil,Abu Dhabi, UAE:
Really a great pleasure to hear this news, and Congratulations to Mr.Lancy on being choosen as Mangalorean Star. I take this opportunity to express my compliments and wishing him a best in all his future endeavors. He is a gentleman by all nature, not only confine his service to his community, but supported all other community causes.
Nice coverage Ms.Violet


Dear Mr. Lancy, Hearty Congratulations on being chosen as the MANGALOREAN STAR of the month “WISH YOU ALL THE BEST”


Allen Rajesh Vas, India:
A very humble and kind person…………God’s grace and his sincerity has helped Mr.Lancy to reach where he is today. He was very helpful in fulfilling our dream house. Congratulations Uncle. We wish you all the very best in all your future endeavors.


Henry Martis, Oman:
Dear Lancy

You deserve all the awards what you have received . Many More awards to come in your life. No doubt you are a noble man done too much for the society.
Keep it up.


Sarvotham Shetty – Abu Dhabi, UAE:
Congratulations Lancy Saab for all your achievements. On behalf of UAE Kannadiga’s I wish you all the very best for all your future endeavours. Thanks to Violet for the wonderful article of Sri Lancy Mascarenhas. GOD bless Sri Lancy & Family.


Alwyn Maxim-Mangalore, India:
Mr.Lancy, do you have your company’s Gallery, like you built so many Houses n Building’s etc… how I/we can see if I/we need on web or personally ? if possible any contact through the communication.


Fr. Thomas Misquith, Karwar, India:
It is very gratifying to read about the great achievements of Mr. Lancy Mascarenhas. Despite his greatness, he is a very simple and approachable person and has love for his workers. He never compromised on the quality of his work. We had the privilege of having him as the builder of our Perpetual Succour Church at Hosad, Honavar, which is a two storeyed building designed by the talented architect Mr. Dharmaraj, with a community hall on the ground floor and the Church on the first floor, which was completed within a period of 10 months in 1989 with very good quality and finishing. He also built the Puneet Sadan, Karwar diocesan administrative and pastoral centre and the minor seminary at Shirwad, Karwar and a number of beautiful churches in Karwar diocese. Mr. Lancy Mascarenhas is a generous philanthropist. I wish him everything best in the years to come.


Alwyn Maxim-Mangalore, India:
Beautiful life story n success, really God’s grace and his sincerity is helped Mr.Lancy to reach top of the world. God bless him and all success in future too.


Elias, India:

Good job well done for the people of mangalore.Bill it to the managalore municipality and if they reimburse the amount do another road.By doing that corruption to some extent get reduced. Let other builders and rich people follow the Example laid by Mr Lancy . Wish you good Luck Dev Boreh Karu.


Alexander P Menezes, UAE:
Recently after reading several articles in the news media regarding the charity work of Mr. Lancy Mascarenhas, I too am one of those several people who have become Lancy’s well wisher. In these times of money making race, this gentleman is an exception to this rule. He spends considerable portion of his earnings on charity works. As Joe menionted in his commnets, he makes sure that his right hand does not come to know what his left hand is doing. I am sure due to his hard work, honest and simplecity, God has blessed him abundantly with a good health and family. I wish Lancy suceess in his work both charitable and commercial. I am one of those person’s who feels proud of having Lancy among us and feel proud that he belongs to our community.
Great work Mr. Lancy and thank you Ms. Violet Periera for bringing Lancy in to the forrey of readers through your wonderful article.
Alex Menezes, Karkala/Now in Dubai.


Jacintha Pinto, India:
Hearty Congratulations to Mr Lancy Mascarenhas on being chosen as the MANGALOREAN STAR of the month. I wish that your dedicated service to the homeless will get you the INDIAN STAR award someday !! Best of luck to you.


Romoola D’Souza, UAE:
Congratulations Lancy and we wish you all the very best in all your future endeavors.

David & Romoola D’Souza


joe Gonsalves, India:
I have known Lancy for the past several decades – a sincere and dedicated worker honest to the core.

My first contact with Lancy was when my family requested him to redo and renovate our old house at Hampankatta. He indeed did a fine job and gave the entire building a FACE LIFT. People who visited the place could not believe that it was the same house that was redone by Lancy. That was early in 1980 and thereafter I have seen Lancy climbing up the ladder of advancement. He has specialized in constructing Churches and this job he has done to perfection in many places in the dioceses of Mangalore, Karwar and Shimoga. Lancy is one who believes in AFTER JOB SERVICES.

Some years ago he started the state of the art brick factory and the baked bricks that he manufactures are well accepted and appreciated by all who have make use of them.

Lancy Mascarenhas is a kind hearted person blessed with great qualities of heart and mind. He is known for his charitable disposition and he believes in the concept WHAT THE RIGHT HAND DOES – THE LEFT HAND SHOULD NOT KNOW.

I join several others in complimenting Lancy AND WISHING HIM WELL. May he continue to prosper and continue his philanthropy.

Joe Gonsalves


Ullas D’Costa, India:
Congratulations to Lancy Mascarenhas on being named as the Mangalorean Star for the month of September 2011. We Derebail Parishioners are proud of you. Wish you long life and all the best in your future endeavors.


Benedict Noronha,Udupi, India:
Congratulations to Mr. Lancy Mascarenhas for a wonderful social work of building shelters for various people and purposes. Violet Pereira has presented you in a very fine journalistic art and depicted an excellent profile. She is great and I congratulate her for introducing Mr Lancy to the World. Keep up the good work and help young engineers in the filed to follow you and give an example of appreciating the work done to the public at large.


Richard D’Souza, India:
We are proud of your success and wish you all the best



Suresh Anchan, India:
Congratulations to Lancy Mascarenhas on being named as the Mangalorean Star for the month of September 2011. You are an inspiration to our younger generation sir. keep up the good work. Wish you long life and all the best in your future endeavors.


Rocky D’Souza, India:
Congratulations Sir


Suresh Anchan, India:
Congratulations to Lancy Mascarenhas on being named as the Mangalorean Star for the month of September 2011. You are an inspiration to our younger generation sir. keep up the good work. Wish you long life and all the best in your future endeavors.


Naveen Shetty, India:
Congratulations to Lancy Mascarenhas on being named as the Mangalorean Star for the month of September. You are an inspiration to our younger generation. Keep up the good work sir. Wish you long life and all the best in your future endeavors.


Jude, UAE:
Even though it seems a very long time ago, I remember Lancy and his brother doing the plumbing jobs in our house at Urva stores. I was a small kid then. I also remember his Sound system shop. I remember seeing him build the christmas cribs at St. Dominic church during christmas. He is the living example of the saying SUCCESS FOLLOWS DEDICATION AND HARD WORK. There is no doubt of the struggle and hard work that he put in when he first started. Congrats Mr Lancy Mascarenhas, You deserve all the successes, recognition and respect that have come your way. May you touch greater heights in the years to come.


Drona, India:
Nice article and photos. Thanks Violet for introducing Mr Mascarenhas.


Alwyn, Canada:
Very good to read Mr.Lancy life story. God bless your hard work to prosper.


Austin Prabhu, USA:
Congratulations to Lancy Mascarenhas on being named as Mangalorean Star for the month of September 2011. Your achievements are great and your work is challenging. Wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Regards to Jacintha – a sports star of yester years of St. Agnes College, Mangalore.