‘Muller Medithon 2023’-an ideation competition at Father Muller Concludes

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‘Muller Medithon 2023’-an ideation competition at Father Muller Concludes

Mangaluru: The Closing ceremony of the Muller Medithon an ideathon translational research with an interdisciplinary approach concluded on 11 March 2023 with an outstanding interactive session. The two-day event hosted by the Father Muller Research Centre (FMRC) closed with praise and guiding comments by the stalwarts in interdisciplinary research.

The welcoming of the gathering was beautifully essayed by Dr Ramesh Bhat, Vice Dean FMMC. The programme was presided by Director FMCI Rev. Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho who praised the success of the event stating that medicine is incomplete without technology and that as we grow into the future, technology will soon take over medicine. This is because of interdisciplinary research where a doctor and an engineer share, create, invent and conceptualise technology for the betterment of society. This will definitely narrow the gap in healthcare in the coming days and help boost economies the world over.

Dr MM Nayak from IISc Bangalore, Dr Gangadharan from NITK Surathkal, Dr Richard Pinto from Alva’s institute of technology Moodbidri, Dr Praveen Kumar Shetty from Nitte University all of the eminent scientific minds were elated at the event and provided constructive criticism for the next event.

Dr Sanjeev rai, chief of research FMCI who was the chairman of the event was lavished with praises from all quarters for a well-organised event.

Giving mementoes to resource persons Dr Sanjeev Rai thanked the Director FMCI for the constant support and his friends and colleagues who registered for the programme. Dr Animik Ray announced the awards for the various categories.

Giving prizes to medithon winners: consolation prizes were given by Dr Praveen Kumar Shetty. The third prize was given by Dr Richard Pinto. The second prize was given by Dr Gangadharan.

The first prize given by Dr MM Nayak.

Pfizer award for the best researcher: given by Director, FMCI.

Dr Sanjeev Rai award for faculty and students: given by: Director, FMCI.

Dr Beena Antony and Dr Shivashankara AR jointly awarded best researcher of FMMC, sponsored by Pfizer Ltd.

Dr Beena Antony was awarded Dr Sanjeev Rai gold medal for distinguished faculty researcher of FMCI for the academic year 2022-23.

Dr Neha, a postgraduate student of dermatology was awarded Dr Sanjeev Rai gold medal for distinguished student researcher.

Ideathon winners.

The winners of the MULLER MEDITHON 2023 are

First prize: Team of Father Muller Medical College and NITK Surathkal, led by Dr Prema D’Cunha.

Second prize: Team of Sahyadri Engineering College.

Third prize: Team of St Joseph Engineering College.

Consolation prize: Teams of Vivekananda College Puttur and Madhwa Vadiraj Institute of Technology

The vote of thanks was proposed by Dr Shivashankara AR, who felt proud to be part of the organising team under Dr Sanjeev Rai.

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