‘Musical Dhamaka’- a Platform to Encourage & Unleash New Singing Talents to Telecast on 15 Aug

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‘Musical Dhamaka’- a Platform to Encourage & Unleash New Singing Talents to Telecast on 15 August in Leo’s fans Facebook Page. The Man behind this Unique Facebook Live Concept is Leo Ranipura, who launched this event 12 weeks ago, and now stepping into its 13th Dhamaka on Independence Day, Sunday 15 August at 6 pm

Mangaluru: The coronavirus induced lockdown has listed out several negative impacts and cynical thoughts among people. Every individual has been under house arrest for months. Since socialising is a usual norm in our society, it was difficult for people to get accustomed to the stringent lockdown measures leading to boredom, loneliness and depression. Most of the people started missing their daily routine of work and activities when many discovered a positive side to it through a journey of self-discovery. Amid the surging cases of COVID-19 in the country, several industries and companies opted for the work from home option for their employees. At the same time, schools and colleges remained shut, which allowed working professionals as well as students to work or study from the comfort of their homes respectively and make the quarantine period as creative as possible.

Meanwhile, there were quite a lot of people who started unleashing their creative sides and exploring their passion for satisfying their innovative self. From rediscovering hobbies and learning new skills through online courses and YouTube tutorials to trying hands-on painting, sketching, yoga, meditation, singing and cooking, people did it all to cherish their quarantine period. Previously, the busy schedules of humans restricted them to concentrate on their hobbies and passion, but this lockdown came as a blessing in disguise for them to enhance their learning experience and nurture self-development. While many have identified their new talents, there are a few who have rediscovered their existing passion or regained touch with their creative self. And one of the hobbies, or call it talents, was SINGING.


During the time of crisis, YouTube tutorials and online courses have been a major support for people to utilise their time accurately and add some skills to their already established career. Several online courses have been made available for free because of the situation to keep the public motivated and positive throughout. Not only for artists, but this lockdown has also been a blessing in disguise for budding singers and musicians trying to explore their hidden talents to the outside world. And right in time amidst this pandemic came a saviour in the form of Leo Ranipura who thought of providing a platform Musical Dhamaka by Leo D’souza Ranipura provides a platform for the new talents in singing to Encourage and Unleash their hidden singing talents on ‘MUSICAL DHAMAKA’- which has been telecasted for the last 12 weeks (Sundays) on Leo’s Fans Facebook Page at 6 pm sharp.

Comperes of the Show L-R: Roshan Crasta, Preetham Noronha and Floyd D’Mello

Sunday evenings are always precious to every individual, where many want to spend it in a special way either eating out at a family restaurant, or taking a stroll by the beachside or going for a movie or playing outdoor games, and so and so. But with the pandemic stepping in and affecting the fun and leisure time of people, many have lost interest in doing fun things or unleashing their talents. Many performing artists have also lost their income due to the pandemic, however, they have still kept their talent of singing. No matter what, as they say, “Hook or Crook” they still want to continue it. And while that has been the case, a Good Samaritan named Leo D’Souza Ranipur has come to their support in encouraging them to keep their interests and passion in singing still going.

Leo D’Souza from Ranipura, a tailor and auto driver by profession, has a tremendous passion for singing, where his voice matches with legendary Konkani singer Henry D’Souza from Mumbai of Konkani Industry, had for the last 12 weeks come up with a Facebook live concept/concert. Even though he is financially weak, whatever little he gets he spends on music by providing a platform to new singers every week, on a Sunday evening, where his unique show/concept “MUSICAL DHAMAKA” is telecasted on Leo’s Fans Facebook Page, and this weekend it will be on Independence Day, 15 August at 6 pm sharp.

And as a kind gesture, Dr Alwyn D’Sa along with his wife Dr Kusum, and their children Shashank, and Nikita have supported this live concert for a good cause. The organizers want to thank Lobo Sounds and Events for Studio and Venue, and Raviraj D’Souza Permannur for designing the Show Poster for every event. Until now many well-known singers were a part of this show, and many more budding and talented singers are most welcome to be a part of this show. The show is handled by “Tridev Fame” emcees- Floyd D’mello, Preetham Noronha and Roshan Crasta.

So, please make a note to watch ‘MUSICAL DHAMAKA’ this Sunday, 15 August at 6 pm on Leo’s Fans Facebook Page.

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