Muslim teen ‘bashed up’ by police in Karnataka for entering classroom clad in a skull cap and ‘creating ruckus’

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Muslim teen ‘bashed up’ by police in Karnataka for entering classroom clad in a skull cap and ‘creating ruckus’

BAGALKOT: The activists of Popular Front of India (PFI), an Islamic outfit, accused the Terdal Police of assaulting a 19-year-old student for wearing a skull cap inside the college premises on Saturday.

The incident, which took place in the Government First Grade Degree College, came to light after a PFI cadre tweeted about the alleged police attack on the 19-year-old student Naveed Hassan, who has since been hospitalized in Jamkhandi.

According to sources, “Naveed wearing a skull cap was creating a video on his cell phone of him entering the class. This irked some students who complained to the principal. The principal rushed to the class and objected to Naveed appearing in religious outfits and restricted him from making videos. His phone was snatched before he was sent home.”

“The 19-year-old student returned to the college with his parents and demanded his cell phone back. The college authorities alerted the local cops, who rushed to college immediately. Naveed allegedly tried to make his version clear leading to a verbal duel in the presence of policemen. In the melee, he was assaulted by the police,” claimed sources.

Speaking to reporters, a member of PFI, said, “The high court in its interim order mentioned clearly that the religious outfits are restricted in only those colleges where uniform is prescribed. The principal has no authority to question the religious outfits of the students of any religion.”

“The police assaulted the student when he was demanding his rights and making a video of the incident. We will strongly condemn this incident. We will continue to raise voices until the action is taken against the policemen that assaulted the student,” alleged Ali.

Denying the allegations, SP Lokesh Jagalasar said, “We have CCTV footage about the incident. The police have not assaulted the student. In reality, there was an altercation between the principal and students. The on-duty police tried to pacify the situation. It is being falsely portrayed against the police department. The situation is under control.”

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  1. No self-respecting society will tolerate the kind of lawlessness we are witnessing by the hijabi supporters. They don’t respect police, school dress code, high court order or any institution except their own religious teachings. How are we supposed to deal with these guys? Distribute flowers and laddus?

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