My adorable Siblings………………………

There was a little girl named Prakx. She had 3 sisters and a little brother. Prakx was the eldest of them all. She used to take care of the little sisters Neha, Priyanka, Thea and her little brother Antony. Prakx would teach her sisters and brother the lessons which she learned in the school. She would also narrate about the fun she had in the school. Prakx would take them along with her when she went out with her dad to the market or the shopping. She would watch the T.V. along with them. Prakx loved her little siblings so much that she would dance and sing to entertain them the most. In the evening she would bathe them and put on clean cloths. Later she would take her siblings to the bedroom and she would play with them with her kitchen set and toys. When night came she would sing songs and narrate stories and put them to sleep. Oh! How she adored them when her little siblings took rest.

Dear friends ?Prakx? is none other than me (Prakrithi) and the 4 little siblings are my pretty dolls Neha,
Priyanka, Thea and Antony.

Wow! I love my dolls very much.

Prakrithi S Monteiro, Lourdes Central School III A , Bejai


Author: Prakrithi S Monteiro- Lourdes Central School III A