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My country will achieve Freedom when..

…we are free to express our genuine concerns, protests with peaceful and non-violent methods;
…we are free to follow, choose, and practice the religion of our choice;
…our women, girls, children, and we can walk safely without fear day or night;
…our youth has a bright future within the country;

…our basic needs for food, water, shelter, education, work, etc. are provided;
…our farmers and traditional craftsmen are provided with basic facilities;
…we accept diversity of languages, scripts, cultures, religions, food habits, dress;
…we are free from violence, lynching, riots, militancy, terrorism;

…we accept and live the principle “Unity in diversity”;
…we protect our motherland from projects which lead to its ecological destruction;
…we develop smart villages with steady supply of electricity, water and basic facilities;
…we are free from fascist, fundamentalist leaders whose hands are soaked with blood;
…we have secular minded politicians, executives, and judiciary who abide by the Constitution;

…we have educated and cultured selfless leaders who have a far-sighted futuristic vision for our country;
…we can live as citizens accepting and respecting each person’s dignity and equality;
…we need not wait for years, waste our energy, and hard-earned money to get justice;
…we give equal opportunity to everyone to bloom and blossom in their field;
…we are aware of our rights and responsibilities as citizens.

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