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My Girls, My Sunshine – I Feel Proud to be Their Mother

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Mangaluru: Finally, she is born. There she was sleeping soundly in my arms not knowing how excited and happy everyone around her was. I had been waiting for a long time now to see her. I had seen her in the ultrasound scans but was waiting to see her in person, hold her and cuddle her in my arms, never to let go of her, ever. I do admit that I was bit selfish and I got to hold her first and her dad had to wait for his turn. The joy of being a mother, only a mother would know. In spite of all this happiness, I did suffer from postnatal blues but I was able to come out of it at the earliest because I had to and I wanted to for the sake of my daughter.

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She was completely dependent on me and there was so much to do as a new mother. We had to bond together; we had to understand each other. Moreover, before I knew it she would have grown a lot. Children grow up quickly and we wonder where did the time go. Nearly five years on and I am still in love with her from the day I saw her first and got to hold her. She’s been a good daughter and a great sister too. Best part is she still loves hugs and cuddles from us and so does her little sister.

It has not been all that rosy and good though in the last five years. I did have my share of difficult days when my girls were sick or when their dad had to go out of town for work and those are the part of life. As a mother, one comes out stronger from such experience and one will learn to deal with it, also, she doesn’t have any other option but to learn how to keep her family content. In fact, sometimes children teach their parents to be emotionally strong like my second child who taught me lot about parenting.

She taught me how to be patient and she taught me to maintain eye contact when I speak to her or her sister. I learnt to deal with her tantrums and her head banging when she didn’t get what she wanted. I never gave up on her tantrums. I learnt to discipline her. There were times when my older child got ideas from her and threw up the same tantrums in public places but then soon they both learnt what is expected of them. I am not a strict mum. Of course they do get lots of books and toys occasionally, but they don’t get it when they demand for it or when we are out shopping.

I am still a parent in the making because every day brings in new challenges, along with it new hopes to make the day better for my girls as well as for me. In spite of these challenges I don’t regret being a mum. I compare myself to the other mothers or single mums who have had it tough. Motherhood is the best thing that has happened to me and I am proud of my girls. The best part of being a mother is that they were there for me all the time to encourage me when I learnt to try something new on the family or during the days when I felt bit low. I did get surprise cuddles and hugs from them during those days. They know it when I am upset or worried. Children actually know it all except for the fact that they are innocent and small and are not expected to express their thoughts.

My love to my girls will remain the same no matter how much they have grown. I know time is not on my side so I try to make the best of it by being with them whenever I can. Love, laugh and play are my motto when I am with my girls.

About Author:

Ramya Prabhu (Mallya), a home maker, is married to Dr. Santosh Prabhu and is a mum to two children aged 4.8 yrs and 3 yrs old. She is interested in animal care, gardening, teaching children with special needs and looking after her family and kids. She has done her Bachelor of Arts and Masters in English Literature along with Diploma in Montessori and Teacher’s Aide.

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  1. Hi Ramya,

    Excellant personal experience as a mother. Could know more on your emotions and attachments with your kids. Keep writing. Passionate writing would help you in your loneliness.

    keep it up.

    Murali & Sandhya

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