My Wonderful Dream

One day, I was sleeping with my large fluffy stuffed animal and I saw a bright light beeping outside my window. I went out to see what happened then I saw weird creatures who said ?hello, how are you!? I was laughing. They were green looking creatures with thin hands and eyes in the form of diamonds. They gave me a box which contained Rs 10 lakh, a car key, also a wonderful villa and some thriller books so I can pass my time reading these thrillers in my villa. I jumped with excitement and I said ?thank you my dear friends? and their reply was ?welcome, it?s a pleasure to meet you.?

I woke up suddenly, then I came to know that this meeting with the weird but beautiful, generous creatures was just a WONDERFUL DREAM.

          Vidhi Kamath
Grade 6-Our Own English High School, Sharjah

Author: Vidhi Kamath