Myself and You……

I was born with crashing and thrashing,
Rocks here, rocks there and everywhere.
Wild volcanoes erupting and the lava splashing
This is how I was formed by God with great care.

It was time for creatures to come,
Peacocks to dance, lions to roar.
Snakes to hiss and birds to hum,
But wait there is something more?

Time has come for human?s birth
For man to rule and wander.
Hey I introduce that I am Earth,
Oh! The creation, what a splendor.

Time passes as the brook flows
Advanced men have started their chores
By building factories like foes
But wait  there is something more?

It was ok with a little black ash
It was ok with a little kill,
Ok until there would be no human clash
More the ash, more the bill.

Time has again moved on
It?s getting worse in the mine ore
It hurts me when you dig on and on
But wait there is something more?

Past is past, I have forgotten it
It?s time to have a change,
Let the twenty first century candle lit
Before disaster and time behaves strange.

Plant the plants and plant more trees
Let my dream come true,
Let us win the race and pass the crease
For a lovely bond between Myself and You.

Author: Prithvi S. J Monteiro