Mysterious explosion-like sound heard in B’luru

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Mysterious explosion-like sound heard in B’luru

Bengaluru: A mysterious loud sound similar to an explosion was heard across many parts of Bengaluru on Friday noon. Several residents of the city took to Twitter to share that they heard a loud ‘thud’ sound.

As per the tweets, the sound was heard in the Sarjapur area, J.P. Nagar, Benson Town, Ulsoor, ISRO Layout, H.S.R. Layout, South Bengaluru and East Bengaluru.

Bengaluru South division DCP Harish Pande said, “We don’t have any clear information yet. But from past experience, I can say that it seems like a sonic boom.”

Regarding the ‘boom’ sound, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited’s spokesperson Gopal Sutar said that regular sorties of fighters and trainers take place at the HAL airport.

“Today (Friday) too was no different. HAL can’t comment on the loud noise reportedly heard on Friday in Bengaluru,” he said.

Last year in May, a mysterious loud noise was heard across Bengaluru, which rattled many citizens as theories and rumours about the major boom spread like wildfire.

Soon the Indian Air Force revealed that it was an IAF test flight involving a supersonic profile that took off from the Bengaluru airport which resulting in the sonic boom.

Last year, the sound was heard in places like Cooke Town, Vivek Nagar, Ramamurthy Nagar, Hosur Road, HAL, Old Madras Road, Ulsoor, Kundanahalli, Kammanahalli, C.V. Raman Nagar, Whitefield and the H.S.R. Layout area in the city.

The sonic boom probably occurred while the aircraft was decelerating from supersonic to subsonic speed between an altitude of 36,000 and 40,000 feet.

The sound of a sonic boom can be heard and felt by an observer even when the aircraft is flying as far away as 65-80 km away from the person.

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