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Mysuru-origin Dr Uma Madhusudan Gets Brilliant 100-Car Salute For Extraordinary Service Amid Covid in US

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Mysuru-origin Dr Uma Madhusudan Gets Brilliant 100-Car Salute For Extraordinary Service Amid Covid in US

Mangaluru: By looking at the accolades and a 100-car salute given by Americans to a doctor hailing from Mysuru, and practicing in USA, for her extraordinary service rendered by her during the Covid-19 outbreak- will bring shame to our own people who don’t even thank our very own Doctors, who are risking their lives and doing enormous service fighting during this pandemic, and taking care of those infected by Covid-19, here in India, or for that matter, in Mangaluru. It’s sad that they probably don’t even get a simple words that says “THANK YOU” ! We should admit that how ungrateful we Indians/Mangaloraens are, that we don’t even think of thanking or appreciating the work done by the Doctors, Nurses, and other Health Care Staff, taking care of Covid-19 patients, thereby putting their lives in danger.

To all the Americans in the neighbourhood of South Windsor Hospital in Connecticut – USA, I say a BIG THANK YOU for showing your love and appreciation to a doctor hailing from India, and doing her extraordinary service in America, and now who has won accolades as ‘Unsung Hero’ in foreign land. That’s what you call APPRECIATION! No doubt it is a moment of pride for people in Mysuru, when they look at the video clip emerged on social media, being rained with accolades for being a Corona Warrior in a foreign land by Americans.

Sources reveal that Dr Uma Madhusudan is an alumnus of JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research (JSSAHER), and is a 1990 batch graduate from JSS Medical College in Shivarathreeshwara Nagar in Mysuru. Presently she is working at South Windsor Hospital-Connecticut, in USA. In recognition of her extraordinary service treating Corona patients in South Windsor Hospital, Dr Uma was honoured in front of her house in USA. The video clip will reveal her receiving salute!!

Shared by Karnataka MLA Dr Sudhakar K on Twitter, a woman can be seen standing at her lawn while a string of vehicles pass her by with the drivers waving at her, honking and cheering. According to Sudhakar’s tweet, the woman was Mysuru-origin doctor by the name of Dr Uma Madhusudhan who has been treating coronavirus patients in the US. It’s a beautiful sight of cars, police vehicles, fire trucks lining up in gratitude, waving and honking to say Thank you Dr Uma!. The tweet has since been going viral with over 1,600 of views and hundreds of likes.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, over 42,518 people have been killed in the US and a further 792,938 affected by the virus. With health care facilities stretched thin, doctors and medical health professionals have been in increasing demand to treat the growing number of cases. Nurses, janitors and doctors have also recorded a high number of casualties from exposure to the COVID-1

Looking at the video, I think it is indeed a heartwarming gesture to appreciate the efforts of health officials fighting the Coronavirus pandemic, where the citizens there recognized this Indian doctor treating Coronavirus patients in South Windsor Hospital, and thus giving her a unique ‘Drive of Honour’ in front of her house. In the video, several police vehicles, fire brigade trucks and private vehicles can be seen going pass through her house with sirens and honks blowing. A convey of at least 100 vehicles drove past Dr Madhusudan’s house stopping by for a few seconds and thanking her.

Team Mangalorean also appreciates the extraordinary service done by our India doctor serving in US during this pandemic, and receiving huge accolades from Non-Indians. May God bless you Dr Uma for your great service rendered in USA and thereby bring a name to our Motherland, and making all Indians and your hometown, Mysureans proud! Dr Uma Madhusudan , “You are no doubt a “UNSUNG HERO”!

And to you Our Local Doctors, Nurses, and Health Care staff treating the Covid-19 patients in Mangaluru, and putting your lives in risk to save others lives, THANKS-A-MILLION and You all Too deserve BIG ACCOLADES and STANDING OVATION, or may be a ‘ DRIVE OF HONOUR’, once the lockdown is lifted.

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  1. Other than bashing India, is our media doing anything else. We can’t write a simple article of saying nice things about that doc without first saying a mouthful to someone else. Shameful.

  2. Dear Umm, we are very proud of you. Doan are respected all over the world for their hard work and dedication. I was doubly proud as I hail from Mangalore and practiced in the UK as a fertility specialist for nearly forty years. It brought tears to my eyes when I saw the Vedic of emergency vehicles passing by your house to show their gratitude for your hard work. God bless you always and stay safe and healthy.

  3. Very well said, Alfie D’Souza! Do send your final suggestion to the State & the PMO; Doctors & the entire medical entourage, right down to the ambulance drivers & assistants, MUST be thanked. Agree with Robert D’Souza’s comment too.

  4. I am delighted to see how the American people are showing their gratitude towards the service Doctors are providing .
    Very commendable act.!

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