Navabharath Circle Demolished to Make Way for Technically & Scientifically Designed Circle

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Navabharath Circle Demolished to Make Way for Technically & Scientifically Designed Circle

Mangaluru: One thing for sure under the Smart City projects undertaken by Mangaluru Smart City Limited right from the Circles to footpaths, they are all BIG or Wide- and now added to those we will see one more Circle which is going to be double the size of the recently demolished Circle- namely the Navabharath Circle. Formerly known as Navabharat Circle after a Kannada daily named ‘Navabharath’ which was published from a building nearby, but later in the years, the Circle was renamed after the Rashtrakavi Govinda Pai Circle, which had an attractive fountain in the past but not anymore. A nearby board pointed out that an oil company was maintaining the circle, however, all boards including the name board of the circle were in bad shape. And the best part was that this circle was used as a publicity spot for political purposes, where banners, buntings etc adored the Circle.


Not anymore, as of Friday night, 11 June the Navabharath Circle was totally demolished to make way for a much better, scientifically and technically designed Circle, which will be much BIGGER than the earlier one. Since the demolished circle was built in an unscientific manner and hampered the smooth vehicular movement, and was also a blind spot for the movement of traffic, it was decided to demolish it and construct a much scientific and technically designed circle by MSCL, one of the projects under the Smart City Developmental works. Once the new Circle is completed it will still bear the same old name, as per MCC Mayor Premanand Shetty.


Well been found underneath the Navabharath Circle while digging on Saturday

And today, while they were digging the old Navabharath Circle they found an ancient well, and discussions were held as to what could be done to put the well in use like MCC had found ancient wells near Hampankatta Circle and Bolar LeeWell. It is also learnt that few more circles in the City will be demolished and built unscientifically, including the Mallikatta Circle and A B Shetty Circle, among others. This will be nothing new when it comes to the projects undertaken by MCC or MSCL, like building new roads, drainage, footpaths, and once they are built, they will be dug etc. That’s what this city is called as ‘SMART CITY’, with No Smart Engineers at the helm of the projects. Oh well, tax-paying Mangaloreans have no option than to bear with whatever MCC or MSCL undertake new projects.

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  1. Death trap for motor cyclists and scooter users in the past. Would be interesting to see how the new circle would look like.

  2. It seems that there is a spelling mistake(or was it intentional)when it is mentioned thatthe existing circles at Mallikatta and A. B Shetty circle willbe unscientifically rebuilt. (Sic)I hope the reporters have done fact check since Mallikatta circle sponsered by noted citybuilder was inagurated a year back. The ABShetty circle was installed at some cost by then Vijaya Bank (now BOB)and is well designed. What is the need for fresh circles.?

  3. Can’t understand either the urgency or the necessity for demolishing circles and rebuilding them again and again, when bus shelters which were pulled down for widening roads at several places years ago are yet to be reconstructed. In many areas, roads were dug up for drainage and are left unrepaired for years together ‘due to lack of funds’. Obviously, the authorities are more concerned about circles and beautification of certain areas than providing basic facilities to the citizens!

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