Nearly 180 Trees may be CUT to make Way for Kudmul Ranga Rao Memorial- Greens Fumed

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Nearly 180 Trees may be CUT to make Way for Kudmul Ranga Rao Memorial- Greens Fumed

Mangaluru: While officials on one hand are trying to plant trees for a green environment, however, simultaneously they are axing a lot of trees for road widening, monumental structures etc. Here is yet another example where a hundred trees could be axed in order to construct a memorial. Nearly 180 trees could be cut to make way for the construction of the Kudmul Ranga Rao Memorial at the Brahma Samaj Burial Ground in Babugudde in the City. This has understandably perturbed environmentalists in the coastal city, including environmentalist and green activist Jeeth Milan Roche, who has individually planted around 900 trees in the said burial ground.

It is learnt that the state government has already sanctioned Rs 3 crore under the Mahatma Gandhi Nagar Vikas Yojana for the development of the Kudmul Ranga Rao Memorial. MLA Vedavyas Kamath said that the Kudmul Ranga Rao Memorial would serve as an inspiration for the young, in addition to serving as a tourist attraction. However, environmentalists fear that the trees painstakingly nurtured by Jeeth Milan, who planted them four years ago, would be the casualty of this project. Roche, deciding that cemeteries served as an ideal place for afforestation, started planting saplings at these spaces to help offset the depleting green cover in Mangaluru.

Environmentalist & Green Activist Jeeth Milan Roche

Speaking to Team Mangalorean Jeeth Roche said, “We have been tipped off that Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) is planning to fell nearly 180 trees for the construction of the memorial. But when construction begins, more trees are likely to be felled. We want to launch a campaign to save these trees, of which there are 40 varieties, including fruit-bearing ones, and medicinal and flowering plants. For the last four years, I have planted around 900 trees and watered and nurtured them until now. It is sad to note that due to the planning of a memorial, nearly 180 trees in the proposed site of the memorial could be lost. There is a vacant space in the burial ground, so why can’t they construct the memorial there without hurting the trees?”

Meanwhile, a senior forester said that the locals had objected to the axing of trees for the memorial. “We have thus not been able to ascertain the exact number of trees that will be lost for the project. The department has decided to call for a meeting with the additional conservator of forests (ACF), MCC, and environmentalists,” the senior official said.

Vacant Land in the Burial Ground with No Trees could be used for the Proposed Memorial, as per Jeeth Roche

An MCC official said that the civic agency had written to the forest department about the project. He added that work on the memorial was yet to start, adding that the site for the proposed memorial was not being maintained, with garbage littered around it. MCC commissioner Akshy Sridhar said that they had already discussed the project with the deputy conservator of forests. “Before work is initiated, we will hold another discussion. We are yet to take a decision on felling trees for the memorial,” he said.

The concerned authorities have planned a memorial there, but they have all turned a blind eye towards the Burial Ground, where lots of garbage is scattered everywhere. During the night, alcoholics who use the ground for boozing also litter the area with empty beer and liquor bottles. The ground has also been a shelter for a bunch of stray dogs, which feed on the garbage, and also few people feed them. But leaving a Burial ground in such a pathetic and disgusting manner is total disrespect to the souls lying in peace at the Brahma Samaj Burial Ground. Hope the concerned people will clean up the place, filled with wild grass, garbage etc.

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  1. why do we even need a memorial for K R Rao, that too at the cost of our trees? K R Rao himself would not have agreed to this.

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