Need Financial Help for Critical Patient Kiran (47) in Dubai

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Need Financial Help for Critical Patient Kiran (47) in Dubai

UAE: Kiran D’Silva (47yrs), a resident of Dubai, collapsed in the washroom and suffered a stroke on May 12. He was rushed to the Mediclinic Hospital emergency room. CT scan of the brain showed an Intracerebral haemorrhage and the doctors performed Brain surgery and removed the blood clot. At present his right side is paralyzed.

Last year, Kiran lost his job due to the COVID pandemic. Unable to support his family led to severe anxiety. Unfortunately, during the admission, it was found that his medical insurance cover had expired on May 9 and the work visa was also terminated. Trying to get help from the insurance agency was also not successful. Due to the beginning of the Eid holidays, they were unable to obtain new medical insurance. Therefore, his wife, Anisha is desperately trying to raise funds to meet the medical expenses.

Because of his health conditions, the doctors continued the treatment without the health insurance and based on self-payment. His surgery expenses were Dhs 80,000 ($22,222.22) and ICU cost Dhs 10,000 per day ($2,777.77). The latest CT scan showed bleeding in the brain which may take a few days to normalize. The doctor said that the patient would be in the ICU for approximately 18 days.

The total hospital expenses will be approximately Dhs 500,000 ($138,888.88) excluding medication, rehab and other expenses (extra tests and procedures). His current status is critical. With this condition Kiran and his family are unable to pay the hospital expenses since Kiran’s wife is getting a meagre monthly salary.

Kiran has a 5-year-old son. He is humble, always smiling and a very quiet family man. Please let us help raise the money needed for Kiran’s emergency medical expenses.

1. GIVE whatever you can. No Donation is too small
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All of the funds will go directly to Kiran’s family. Go fund me do not have direct transfer to Dubai or Indian bank account. Therefore, I, Queenie Mendonca, will be personally withdrawing funds from my bank account. I am planning to send all of the funds after deduction from GoFundMe page, directly to Kiran’s wife, Anisha through Western Union.

We will update donors as to his progress daily.

Thank you for your help and prayers

By Queenie Mendonca

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