‘Need to Restore Human Values Which Are Getting Weaker’- Litterateur H K Vivekananda on a Mission…

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‘Need to Restore Human Values Which Are Getting Weaker’- Bengaluru based Litterateur & Thinker 53-year-old Vivekananda H K on a Mission, trying to cover 12,000 km by WALK/Foot in order to inspire and bring awareness on the importance of HUMAN VALUES. He was speaking in a programme organised by St Aloysius College, Mangaluru on his March (Padayatra) throughout the state on Tuesday, 3 August 2021. To restore the human values and to understand the society from too close, he has taken this state-wide foot march.

Mangaluru: On 1 November 2020, 53-year-old (will be 53 years old on 7 August) Bengaluru based Litterateur and Thinker Vivekananda H K began his 12,000 km journey from Bidar, with an aim to inspire and bring awareness on the importance of HUMAN VALUES, which is lacking among the people. In the last 271 days out of 430 days of his travel, he has already covered 8300 km, where he intends to visit 300 colleges/education institutions and 300 religious places, before he ends his 12,000 km journey in December 2021. Travelling is nothing new for Vivekananda since he has travelled to many European countries.

A Postgraduate in MA, Vivekananda a television advertisement executive, had been participating in a half marathon, and this mission is something unique he had planned to spread the word on Human Values. Therefore, on 1 November 2020, he launched his mission from Vanamarpalli village, on the border between Karnataka and Maharashtra in Aurad taluk in Bidar district. He had reached Mangaluru on 2 August, and after few interactions with a few educational institutions in town, and also an interview for a TV Channel, he visited St Aloysius College, where he was escorted from Jyothi Circle to the St Aloysius College by Fr Praveen Martis SJ-Principal of St Aloysius College, Dr Alwyn D’sa-Registrar of College, among few other college professors.

The introduction of Vivekananda H K was done by Dr Dinesh Nayak, from the department of Kannada, followed by a felicitation for Vivekananda. Addressing the audience in his elaborate 43 minutes speech stressing on the importance of Human Values, Vivekananda said, ” “Values in all the fields are getting weaker. It has been weighed in terms of money, power and publicity. As we are living in a society where things can be obtained by the fingertips, there is a need for the restoration of human values. There is a feeling that the bad and the cheaters are celebrating in society. A few years ago, there was respect for good people. Hence, there is a necessity of respecting such good people. If our hearts, homes and words change within the next 15 years, we can restore human values in society”.

“I have quenched my thirst with different kinds of water, eaten different kinds of food, walked in rain, sun and amidst Corona. Yet I have not suffered sickness even for a single day. Regarding this Corona is nothing but a money-making tactic by the hospitals, which are ripping off the poor people in the name of Covid-19. While the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. There is no respect for good people these days, only the corrupt and bad people are respected for favours. It’s time that we make a difference and give respect to Human values,” he added.

Fr Praveen Martis SJ, having very much touched and inspired by Vivekananda’s speech, whole-heartedly complimented Vivekananda for his inspiring and motivating talk aiming to respect Human values. “While Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa are no more, who taught us human values, we now have Swami Vivekananda in the form of Vivekananda H K, who has been going around in his mission spreading the good word of Human Values, and convincing people to make a difference in the society. Let’s clean our hearts, and never allow politics and corruption to creep into our college campus. Building society is not easy, but to destroy it is very easy, so we should not give scope to it. Let us take the words of wisdom spoken by Vivekananda H K very seriously and try to make a difference among ourselves, and in the College,” added Fr Praveen Martis SJ.

Dr Alwyn D’Sa, registrar of St Aloysius college who compered the programme, delivered the vote of thanks. Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Vivekananda said, “This is the topmost point and I would like to end the walkathon at the bottom of Chamrajnagar in December. I decided to walk on foot for about 12,000 km to inspire others to revive human values. I have been relying on the generosity of my hosts and have not spent a paisa on my stay or food. My itinerary is uploaded three days in advance on social media. Literary organizations, doctors associations among others end up arranging my stay and providing food. I have no expectations and thus reasonably happy with whatever is offered to me”.

Vivekananda’s calculations on covering the distance did go wary sometimes and he could not visit the town on the scheduled hour and ended up sleeping on the street in Mavinagudi in Uttara Kannada district. He usually covers between 30-40 km on a single day, and once covered 60 km. Vivekananda intends to cover the remaining 11 districts by December 2021. So far, he has given more than 1000 lectures on the need to live a life with values like our forefathers.

Team Mangalorean wishes Vivekananda H K a safe journey in his remaining journey, and commend him for his bold move in spreading the good word of Human Values.

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