Need to sort out hijab issue harmoniously: Wakf Board Chairman Shafi Sa Adi

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Need to sort out hijab issue harmoniously: Wakf Board Chairman Shafi Sa Adi

Bengaluru: State Wakf Board Chairman N K Muhammed Shafi Sa Adi said that there is a need to sort out the hijab issue harmoniously.

‘The issue has been blown out of proportion. Attempts were made to sort out the issue amicably when it cropped up in Government Junior College in Udupi,’ he told mediapersons.

He asserted that miscreants from all the communities are behind escalating the issue to this level.

‘We have to unite and put an end to the vested interests who are taking advantage of the issue and ensure peace prevails in the state,’ he said and added: ‘there is a need to work towards establishing ‘sarvajanangada shanthiya thota’ as mentioned by Kuvempu.

‘It is sad, that such an incident of controversy over hijab has taken place in the premises of educational institutions. Efforts were made to sort out the issue with the interference of khazi, Ulemas in Udupi. We should not allow miscreants to divide the harmony in society. We can not keep quiet when efforts are being made to disrupt harmony in society. We want ‘Sauharda Karnataka’, wherein people from all religions are allowed to practice the religion of their choice as enshrined in the Constitution. If somebody feels it as a threat, we can not do anything.’

‘I have been meeting all the religious heads in the state. I have already met Siddaganga Mutt pontiff Sri Siddalinga Swamiji and discussed the ways to sort out the issue. I will meet Pejawar seer Vishwaprasanna Theertha Swamiji in Bengaluru,’ said Shafi Sa Adi.

‘As a leader of the community, I am concerned about my community. Students should also focus on their academics along with practicing the religion and help maintain communal harmony in the state,’ he said.

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  1. “Need To Sort Out Hijab Issue Harmoniously: Wakf Board Chairman Shafi Sa Adi”, rightly said sir. Some organisations indirectly help a particular party to win the forthcoming elections. Some ministers say the dress which women wear reason for rape, some say not to wear Hijab. Being in a democratic country one should have the right to choose the dress he or she wears. Why do the political leaders or organizations dictate?

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