Neglected & Money Wasted! ‘Kadri Skating Rink’ has become ‘Kadri Mating Rink’?

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Neglected & Money Wasted! ‘Kadri Skating Rink’ has become ‘Kadri Mating Rink’? Situated inside the premises of Government Forest Department Park, near KPT Junction/on highway 66- the surrounding area of the skating Rink, being forest park area is being used as a ‘TOILET’ area by a large number of migrant street vendors who do business along the stretch of the NH 66

Mangaluru: If you happen to enter into the Government Forest Department Park, where a Kadri Skating Rink/Hi-Flyers Skating Club (which once existed) has become a haven for illegal activities, ranging from drug peddling, Sex activity, with transgenders hanging around late in the evening. Lakhs of rupees spent on beautification of this Govt Forest department property is all in shambles, with thick grass-grown all-round, trees/grass being burned- and the worst part is that you’ll see empty liquor bottles, gutka wrappers, used condoms etc. What a shame to this Smart City, when government property is being neglected and has been allowed to use by people to deal in illegal activities, including sex.

Due to the lack of a toilet facility, the park is also being used as an open toilet, by a bunch of street vendors from out of town doing their illegal business on the side of the Highway. You need to be careful when you walk inside this park because there are chances you will step on human faeces or cow dung, seen all over the forest area. During the early morning, you can see men, women and children, walking with a bottle or can of water into the woods- and you know for what? To shit! The whole area stinks of human faeces and cow dung. Even though there is timing mentioned on the board, there is no one to restrict the said timings- and the best part is that the gate is open 24 hours, 365 days?

At night, the area is being used for three things—prostitution, homosexuality and drug peddling say some of these street vendors who have occupied the nearby area. The illegal activity in this government-owned area was once highlighted and posted on social media by social activist Sowraj, and his video had gone viral, receiving thousands of hits. Team Mangalorean had also highlighted the issue, after which the government officials took action, and the area was cleaned, however, months later, the area is once again littered, grass-grown, garbage scattered, etc.

Rumours are that people using the govt forest dept area for all these illegal activities are hand in hand with the police, so they get away easily without facing any trouble with the law. What Smart City are we living in? With Mangaluru East Police station located just a few metres away from this haven of illegal activities, it seems like the cops don’t give a damn as to what is going on there. Simply useless to have a police department close to a place where illegal activities are going on and no action taken. Bah humbug!

It’s a mess inside this govt property, filled with empty liquor/water bottles, human and stray animals faeces, etc etc. Just imagine a government-owned property looking like a dump yard, with taxpayers money going down the drain. With lakhs of rupees spent to beautify this place, this is what the place looks like. If they are not using the skating rink, let them convert this land into a nice playground so that children can benefit out of it”. Is this the facility that the government is giving to its citizens using taxpayers money? With all the filth scattered all over the area, it makes one wonder if the govt forest department officials are dead or alive.

Large number of migrant street vendors living on the footpath, use the ‘PARK AREA’ as their ‘TOILET FACILITY’?

Even the cops who travel by those new police beat cars, simply ignore and drive-by. Then why do we have police beats at night, if they don’t take action? This is not a hidden thing, the mess is seen openly, a few steps away from the entrance gate. Instead of allowing this humongous area for illegal activities, the government can utilize this place for something worthwhile, like a playground, rather than opening a skating rink only for some time. I urge the citizens to raise their voices on this issue so that the govt forest officials taking a nap would wake and do the needful, something worthwhile.

Walking with a water bottle in hand, looking for a Perfect place to Relieve themselves?

If the govt forest department officials act quickly and turn this shabby place into a better place, it would benefit many. Right now it has apparently turned into an eyesore of the Smart Coastal City. People are being forced to keep away from such places full of greenery and pure nature because of certain alleged nefarious activities that are taking place there in full public view. The Horticulture Department, which maintains the land, and the police do not seem to have taken the issue seriously. One street vendor said this is a haven for the eunuchs soliciting customers, and many drunkards, who, many a time, are seen consuming liquor openly. This is also a centre for drug addicts. Sadly there is no authority to check the unlawful activities that take place there. Hope this Team Mangalorean exclusive report will bring a change to this place. Hope so?

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