New Mallikatta Park to be Built at Cost of Rs 75 Lakhs Becomes a Haven for Drunkards & Dopers

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New Mallikatta Park to be Built at a Cost of Rs 75 Lakhs Becomes a Haven for Drunkards & Dopers

Mangaluru: On an initial stage during Phase 1 nearly Rs 14 lakhs was sanctioned when MUDA along with MCC had decided to upgrade the Malllikatta Park, and the work had started in 2021, but after a few months the work stopped. When the area corporator Manohar Shetty was asked by Team Mangalorean about the present condition and progress of the park, he said that Rs 14 lakhs work from the funds allotted in the first phase has been completed, and additional funds have been sanctioned which the project will be done at a cost of Rs 75 lakhs. This report is for the kind attention of Deputy Commissioner Dr K V Rajendra, MCC Commissioner Akshy Sridhar, MCC Mayor Premanand Shetty and area ward corporator Manohar Shetty, to take necessary action and do the needful.

But looking at the present condition of the work completed at the park, it doesn’t even look like a few lakhs has been spent, because you don’t see any development other than a few dividers, levelled area, concreted pathway. So how can this work completed be Rs 14 lakhs worth? And now with the additional funds yet to come in to start the work, the entire area looks shabby, with garbage, empty liquor/beer bottles, gutka/chewing tobacco wrappers, empty cigarettes packs/butts etc. The whole area stinks with urine, and rotten garbage.

With a liquor shop named located right across from this upcoming park, alcoholics buy their products at this liquor shop and consume them by sitting in the park, and once drunk they sleep there. You can also see people smoking ganja, and being involved in illegal activities when it gets dark. And the police on night beat in Hoysala car turn a blind eye to what’s going on in the park-sometimes the police are seen in Hoysala car parked next to the park but do nothing in preventing illegal activities that are going on. How nice!

Earlier you could see drunkards drink and fall asleep in the bus shelter which was given a new look by Ramakrishna Mission during their Swachh Mangalore Campaign, and Team Mangalorean had done a few reports on that bus shelter where illegal activities were going on. Recently when the project of developing the Mallikatta Park kicked in, the bus shelter was demolished- and therefore, we are seeing all these drunkards in the incompleted park. In the same park lies a public library which opens late in the afternoon, where mostly seniors patronize, and there have been numerous complaints from the library staff and seniors about the nuisance created by these homeless/migrants – where they discard their garbage all over the place. But until now no action has been taken by the concerned authorities.

The park area looks miserable, and with an existing public library it is a shame to see drunkards and homeless loitering or sleeping on the premises- and due to this many library patrons have stopped coming to the library. You can also notice people urinating and for other unwanted needs. Even though we call this a SMART CITY, having such a public library surrounded by drunkards and filth, shows a negative picture of Smartness, and also the negligence and carelessness of our elected netas- who are quick to erect a hoarding boasting about their development work, but showing negligence in reality. At present the library and the park have been totally neglected by political representatives, the officials of district administration and Mangaluru City Corporation-they should concentrate on developing parks and libraries in the city, and not leave them shabby and dilapidated, like in this case.

You can also see street vendors/mobile canteen operators using water from the water tap situated inside the park. Are they paying for the water usage? With all the garbage consisting of used food wrappers/containers, empty liquor/beer bottles, empty gutka/paan parag wrappers, etc etc -the entire area has become like a dumping yard, and we are proud to call our City a Smart City, with such ugliness and filth seen right in front of our eyes. Early morning or at night the library front area is used by these drunkards to consume liquor, smoke and fall asleep, till the library staff come and wake them up. And this has been the routine so far, and will never change until action is taken.

Rumours are that during MLA Yogsih Bhat tenure funds were sanctioned for the development of the park, but no one knows what happened to the funds and the development work. Similarly, it could be the same case in this park development project, where Rs 75 lakhs is sanctioned.

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