New Rs 2.10 Crore DK District Vet Polyclinic Ready to Treat Your Pets & Domestic Animals

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The New Rs 2.10 Crore Dakshina Kannada District Veterinary Polyclinic located on Jail Road, near St Anne’s Friary, Mangaluru Ready to Treat Your Pets and Other Domestic Animals.

Mangaluru: Most pet owners spare no expense when it comes to their furry family members. The average pet owner spends big bucks on their pet’s basic needs every year, and I know it, owning four breed dogs and a Persian cat. No doubt, pet parents, including myself, agree that having a pet is just as, if not more, expensive than raising a child, and that having a pet is more costly than they initially thought.s Pet owners spend more money on their pets every year than they do on themselves. If you look at it, a human shampoo or conditioner is much cheaper than the price of pet shampoos or Conditioners. Expensive medications/treatments for your pets are only a little less than ones for yourselves, however, cost doesn’t matter — as long as they can make sure their pet is healthy, happy, and safe.

So also soaps, powder, etc what we use are much cheaper than those of pet animals. Also apart from pet food and expensive pet items, followed by toys, flea/tick treatments, and medicine, overall, taking care of pets’ health isn’t cheap, usually, you’ll end up exceeding your budget whenever you take your pet to the vet. Surprisingly, pet owners worry about their pet’s health more than their own. For many pet parents, their animals are more than just ‘furry friends’ — they are part of the family. However, with all the joys of having a pet also comes financial stress, as many pet parents are willing to take on almost any cost to ensure that their pets are happy and healthy.

And taking your vet to a private vet doctor will cost you a fortune, depending on what kind of treatment your pet animals, including cattle and other domestic animals, need. And if you are a pet owner, you know it very well, having spent big bucks on pet treatment at a private veterinary place. Not any more, because you can get the same high-class treatment and care at the recently opened Dakshina Kannada District Veterinary polyclinic, located on Jail Road near St Anne’s Friary, Mangaluru, constructed for Rs 2.10 crore released from the 22 tranches of Rural Infrastructure Development Fund.


Deputy Director of polyclinic A.B. Thammaiah speaking to Team Mangalorean said, ” Apart from a spacious OPD, the new building has space for in-patients and operation theatre for small and big animals. There is an isolation area where domestic animals infected with infectious diseases can be kept. The work on the 8,245 sq ft building was sanctioned in July 2018. It has all facilities to treat cattle, pets and other animals. The building has separate chambers for the chief doctor, surgeon and gynaecologist in addition to a pharmacy and storeroom”.

L-R: Dr Thammaiah A B; Gurukiran; Devanna; Malikarjuna; Basavakumar; Manoj Kumar and Dr Gopalkrishna Bhat (Apart from Dr Thammaiah & Dr G K Bhat, the rest are all BIdar Vet Internship Students)

” To provide better-advanced treatment, the polyclinic also has been provided with an x-ray room, clinical diagnostic lab, sterilization room, scrub room and isolation room. Toilets and a postmortem room also have been set up. The state government had announced the setting up of polyclinics for animals in each district across the state. The facility has surgery, medicine and gynaecology departments. The facilities that are not available in taluk centres will be made available in this polyclinic. Veterinarians from the taluk centres will refer animals to the polyclinic in case they require advanced treatment. People also may bring cattle and pet animals for advanced treatment including surgeries, Basic treatment is free of charge, but there will be a minimum charge for surgeries, etc-but for cattle, the treatment and surgeries are FREE.” added Thammaiah.

With just Dr Thammaiah AB, as Deputy Director and Dr G K Bhat, as Chief Veterinary Officer, at the helm of duties at the Polyclinic, the whole load of treating the animals has fallen on them. Lack of permanent vets/staff even though vacancies are not filled, only three of 12 sanctioned posts have been filled so far, it is learnt. It was noted that the load at the polyclinic can be reduced if the Mangaluru City Corporation takes up the work of improving basic facilities at the three veterinary hospitals in Surathkal, Vamanjoor and Bolar. As of now, apart from Dr Thammaiah and Dr Bhat, Internship Vet students from Bidar are assisting in treating the animals. On a final note, you can trust Vet doctors Thammaiah and G K Bhat to treat your pets/domestic animals

So next time your pet, including Cattle and other domestic animals, need medical care, call the Deputy Director of Polyclinic A.B. Thammaiah at 7624962100 or Dr G K Bhat, Chief Veterinary Officer at 9448177627 or just take your animals during the polyclinic working hours 9 am-1 pm; 2 pm-4 pm Phone: 9141010419

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