New Traffic System Implemented Near Kankanady Circle is like Obstacle Course for Motorists

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New Traffic System Implemented Near Kankanady Circle is like Obstacle Course for Motorists

Mangaluru: Synchronizing traffic signals, implementing new traffic systems, and regulating heavy vehicles, among others for the smooth flow of traffic in the City, our new Mangaluru City Police Commissioner Kuldeep R Jain has lots of plans for the city. Having put more traffic cops on the City streets to manage the traffic flow, the Top Cop has been receiving praise on social media for his handling of the traffic situation in the city. There have been multiple anecdotal reports of a reduction in commute time in several parts of Mangaluru. His idea of deputing more traffic cops to be alert and active on the streets will work as they can take quick decisions and ensure the free flow of traffic when they are on the streets.

City Police Commissioner Kuldeep R Jain

The Top Cop’s priority has been to regulate traffic. The traffic police are on the roads now, particularly during peak hours, which is nice to note. Some of the obstacles like wrong parking, buses not stopping at designated bus stops, and the movement of heavy goods vehicles during peak hours have been cracked down by the traffic police now to ensure a smooth ride for motorists and office-goers. When these initiatives are implemented, traffic congestion will automatically come down. Even though the motorists have to bear with a little pain for the time being as the traffic systems are upgraded, very soon motorists will be used to it, except for ignorant motorists who are always in a hurry and try to break the traffic laws. But if you look at the result, it will be good. Police have installed various sign boards to divert the traffic. More traffic cops have been deployed to manage the traffic, especially during peak hours.

Monitoring the traffic situation in the City, after taking up the post as Police Commissioner, Kuldeep R Jain has come up with many ideas for an easier flow of traffic. Following close on its heels, after he changed the traffic system near Hampankatta Junction, where in the beginning the motorists didn’t like it, but now they are used to it, the traffic system implemented at the Kankanady Circle is looking at both sides, good and bad. While many motorists are praising the new system, a few are against it, since it takes a longer time to commute to reach their destinations, especially during peak hours.

After a change in the traffic system was made at Hampankatta Junction, as per the notification from the {Police commissioner Kuldeep R Jain on 13 March 2023, to prevent traffic jams at Kankanady Circle near Father Muller Hospital/Kankanady Market, the city police barred right turns and straight movement at Kankanady Circle for vehicles coming from Falnir, and moving towards Bendoorwell/Pumpwell/Old-Bypass road. Vehicles moving from Falnir road to Pumpwell cannot enter Old Kankanady road directly. Instead, they have to take a left turn towards Karavali junction (near Sulthan Gold) and take a right turn there to move on to the Kankanady bypass.

Vehicles going towards Valencia/Jeppu from Falnir road have to take a left turn at Kankanady Circle and then make a U-turn at the Karavali junction. Other options, for vehicles going towards Mangaladevi Temple/Marnamikatta/Cascia from Falnir, can take Sturrock Road, Nandigudda road and Koti Chennaya Circle. DCP (Crime & Traffic) Dinesh Kumar speaking to Team Mangalorean had said that the police are contemplating making Pumpwell to Kankanady Circle on the old-Kankanady road a one-way and enforcing NO ENTRY from Kankanady Circle to Pumpwell, but that idea was changed later.

Traffic jams are seen especially during peak hours, and a bunch of traffic police are doing their best to manage the smooth flow of the traffic. Till the motorists get used to the new traffic changes at Kankanady Circle, they will have to bear with it and remain patient rather than take shortcuts, break traffic rules and get into trouble with the law. Just like an auto-rickshaw driver, to avoid being stuck in the traffic jam of vehicles moving from Kankanady to Karavali Junction/Bendorewell road, he drove on the other side of the road (one-way) and was caught and nailed by the Kadri East Police personnel with a hefty fine.

Auto-Rickshaw Driver being slapped with hefty fines for going on a Wrong Way/One Way on Kankanady- Bendoorwell road


Since a slow movement of vehicles was seen on Valencia Road following the ban on the right turn at Kankanady Circle, the city police have restored the right turn at Kankanady Circle for vehicles going to Old Kankanady road from Valencia. It has withdrawn the order barring right turn, which had come into effect on 21 March.


“There are two likely causes for this slow movement. One is the closure of Mahakalipadpu Road (for underpass construction) for which many vehicles going to Thokkottu and beyond are coming on this road. The other reason is the new traffic signal installed at Karavali Junction,” said DCP Dinesh Kumar to Team Mangalorean.


Therefore the city police decided to restore the right turn at Kankanady Circle. “We are studying the likely causes for this slow movement. We are making efforts to decongest the movement of vehicles at Kankanady Circle,” he added.

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    Very good initiative.
    But please take actions on city bus drivers who are the main cause of accidents
    They are the devils on the road

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