Nice to be a Street Vendor Than a Shop Owner These Days? Street Vendors Avail Rs 10K Loan

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Nice to be a Street Vendor Than a Shop Owner These Days? Street Vendors Avail Rs 10K Loan

Mangaluru: With all the Benefits, Government loans, Free Space, no worries of paying rent or utility bills etc- it looks like being a Street Vendor is much better than a Shop Owner, who has all kinds of worries, overhead expenditure, tax payment, rent and utility expenses etc. Not that I am against the street vendors, but the way they occupy the prime spaces in the City, it has been hard for motorists to park the vehicles, and inconvenience for pedestrians to walk freely since many of these street vendors have occupied footpaths and walking areas.

When the government was being nice to these street vendors by giving them license stickers and now Rs 10,000 loan, it should have provided a few designated areas for these street vendors and hawkers, rather than allow them to operate their petty businesses wherever they feel like, and put the motorists and pedestrians in hardship. Seems like yet another blunder created by the Modi government in implementing this scheme for vote bank, thereby putting other people’s lives in jeopardy. Just look around the City, all prime spots have been occupied by street vendors/mobile canteens, thereby leaving no space for vehicle parking nor for pedestrian walking.

Street vendors and hawkers can now avail Rs 10,000 loan scheme ‘AtmaNirbhar Nidhi’ through about 3.8 lakh common service centres (CSCs) spread across the country, the government’s digital and e-governance services arm CSC e-Governance Services India Ltd said on Wednesday. The Pradhan Mantri Street Vendor’s AtmaNirbhar Nidhi is fully funded by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs with the objectives to facilitate working capital loan up to Rs 10,000 for street vendors and hawkers.

The scheme will incentivize the vendors for regular repayments, and reward digital transactions. The scheme will help formalize the street vendors and open up new opportunities to this sector. CSCs will help vendors’ enrollment in the scheme. Under this programme, urban street vendors will be eligible to avail a working capital loan of up to Rs 10,000 with tenure of one year and repaid in monthly instalments, and that for this loan, no collateral will be taken by the lending institutions. All vendors need to do digital transactions. They will get a cashback offer.

Street vendors in possession of a certificate of vending or identity card issued by urban local bodies and those who have been identified in the survey but have not been issued a certificate of vending or ID card are eligible to apply for the loan under the scheme. The scheme will help formalize the street vendors with the above objectives and will open up new opportunities to this sector to move up the economic ladder. CSCs will help vendors’ enrolment in the scheme. And a few days ago, Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) that once was evicting street vendors encroaching upon footpaths and roadsides through its ‘Operation Tiger’, offered them a red carpet welcome with loans through financial institutions under a ‘loan Utsav’ at the town hall, Mangaluru. Are our politicians hooked on stupidity or what

The district-level ‘Loan Utsav’ had been organised by the MCC in association with other urban local bodies to facilitate microfinance loans to street vendors under the Pradhan Mantri Street Vendors Atmanirbhar Nidhi Yojana or PM SVANidhi Scheme. Incidentally, the ‘Utsav’ was organised after the Mayor Diwakar went on record this June that the civic body will resume the Operation Tiger that had been launched over five years ago also when the BJP was leading the city corporation council. The Mayor also suggested at a consultative meeting last month that distributing loans to street vendors under the scheme should not become a nuisance while ensuring safe footpaths for pedestrians and smooth traffic movement in the city.

The urban local bodies organized the ‘Utsav’ to meet the target of distributing loans to 7,500 street vendors in Dakshina Kannada. Speaking at the inauguration of the ‘Utsav’ the Moodbidri MLA Umanath A. Kotiyan said that ‘those who are born with golden spoons in their mouths will not be able to understand what exactly the hunger and plight of the poor is. Only those who are born poor will be able to understand the plight of the poor’. He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi knows the plight of the poor as he was once selling tea on a railway platform in Gujarat. Hence, he launched the PM SVANidhi Scheme.

Member of Parliament from Dakshina Kannada Nalin Kumar Kateel who inaugurated the Utsav said that the nationwide lockdown imposed to contain the spread of COVID-19 had pushed many traders, including street vendors, into trouble. “The scheme has been introduced to enable street vendors to recover financially. The vendors should make use of it,” he said. Referring to other schemes of the Union government, Kateel said that the Jan Dhan Yojana made 35 crore people have bank accounts to which the government directly transferred the financial benefits of various schemes.

He said that 4,176 persons in Dakshina Kannada have applied for loans under PM SVANidhi Scheme. Of them, 1,600 who have been sanctioned loans have resumed their business activities. The South Canara District Central Cooperative Bank has helped in advancing loans to 300 fisherwomen under the PM SVANidhi Scheme, said Kateel. MLAs D. Vedavyasa Kamath, Y. Bharat Shetty, Rajesh Naik U, Harish Poonja, S. Angara and Sanjeeva Matandoor, the president of SCDCC Bank M. N. Rajendra Kumar, and Commissioner of MCC Akshy Sridhar were present.

And recently Congress under the leadership of former MLC Ivan D’Souza donated 10 pushcarts to the street vendors. (Ref: DK Dist Congress Covid-19 Helpline (Arogya Hasta) Donates 10 Pushcarts to Street Vendors ) Next time, you can’t find a parking space or finding hard to walk on the footpath with street vendors encroachment, blame the netas?

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  1. In india, you either submit to big overlords and work either as self employed without overheads or as an employee of the overlords. The worst is faced by entrepreneurs, neither big or small, but whose flesh and blood are consumed by some govt employees, etc.

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