Night Curfew Imposed by the Govt is a JOKE- Like the Virus Attacks Only between 10 pm-5 am?

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Government Imposing Night Curfew from 10 pm till 5 am from 28 December 2021 till 7 January 2022 Seems Like a JOKE to Many? Just look at the people during day hours walking around or mingling in groups by not following social distancing or wearing face masks. Our Smart government officials should know that Coronavirus does not take rest during the day and become active during the night — it’s difficult to fathom what is the logic behind this night curfew. So why all these restrictions for a few hours by imposing Night Curfew. Makes no sense

Mangaluru: If the government thinks that it does make sense to keep the transmission of Covid-19 or Omicron under check or within the ‘controllable limits’, with a partial restriction on mobility shall minimize crowd-gathering and keep socializing behaviour under check to some extent- it is Totally WRONG! If the government and netas think that in order to brace ourselves from these deadly viruses, it could be a logical move to manage an uptick- but in reality, it is really not needed. We have seen such Night Curfews in the past, and many flouted the curfew going hand-in-hand with the concerned officials and police. Similarly will be the case with this new Night Curfew, an extra source of income for the government officials and police/excise personnel. There will be many bars and pubs open past 10 pm tomorrow, all because of the power of BRIBE!

I do agree that amid fears of a rise in the number of Omicron cases, the Karnataka government had decided to impose a night curfew beginning Tuesday, December 28, for a period of 10 days. Health and Family Welfare Minister K Sudhakar had said the measures have been taken after analyzing the situation that is prevailing in other states and countries. Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai headed the meeting where several ministers, officials, and Technical Advisory Committee members were part of it. The state government order said that the night curfew will be in effect between December 28 and January 7 and the restrictions for hotels, restaurants, pubs will be in effect between December 30 and January 2. All staff members of the said entities have to possess a Covid-19 negative RT-PCR report and will have to be fully vaccinated with two doses.

Sunday afternoon Crowd at Panambur Beach- This is where the Virus spreads & not at Night?

All gatherings, meetings, conferences, including marriages, etc, from December 28 should strictly limit the number of participants to 300 people only and Covid-19 appropriate behaviour shall be strictly enforced during the event, the responsibility to enforce the same lies with the organizers. There shall be intensive patrolling and surveillance at all bordering districts adjoining Maharashtra and Kerala states to prevent the spread of Covid19, particularly the Omicron variant, in the state. Any person violating these measures will be liable to be proceeded against as per the provisions of section 51 to 60 of the disaster management act 2005, besides legal action under section 188 of IPC, and other legal provisions as applicable, said P Ravi Kumar, chief secretary and chairman of state executive committee. But who will do the check on people whether restrictions are followed, is a BIG question?

Crowded Used Clothes Street Market near Town Hall-This is where the Virus spreads & Not at Night?

According to me, imposing a night curfew is not the step that can help in controlling the transmission of this deadly disease. Apart from imposing restrictions, the government should take steps towards free testing and provide adequate hospital facilities to patients. We all are aware and we all have witnessed that because of lack of facilities, Covid-19 patients stood in front of the hospital gate, and then they stood in a queue for vaccination, waiting for their turn. The only thing that can control the transmission of the new Virus is a good healthcare system. Curfews or restrictions are not a solution because no one knows if the person who is going for a night walk or buying groceries is not a transmitter of the virus.

The main causes behind ‘community transmission’ of the Virus were crowded places and people not valuing important precautions such as wearing a mask properly and social distancing norms. The government should start emphasizing these precautions at public places from dawn to dark on all weekdays when people are out to enjoy rather than imposing a night curfew for a few hours. Our Smart government officials should know that the Virus does not take rest during the day and become active during the night — it’s difficult to fathom what is the logic behind this night curfew or tough restrictions. On one hand, there is a total disregard for Omicron or Covid-19 regulations in political events or religious ceremonies, where hundreds of people are gathered with no social distancing nor wearing face masks- and the bunch of cops present there do nothing. and on the other hand, you have these night curfews or restrictions. Total nonsense!

In fact, having night curfews would be counterproductive as you are forcing people to get things done before a certain time, causing more crowds during the daytime. If there is no curfew, at least people will have the option to go out for their groceries or other shopping needs in a less crowded time. Night curfews make no sense whatsoever. It is as senseless as burning the whole crop field to eliminate a few plants injurious to the main crop instead of manually plucking out such plants. Or, as senseless as the closure of a busy highway to avoid traffic jams instead of imposing stricter discipline, installing signals and ensuring perfect observation of speed limits. Or imprisoning an entire block of the population instead of searching and arresting a few miscreants hiding with them. Covid-19 or Omicron can get transmitted by humans anytime and anywhere, causing infection. It neither sleeps nor observes holidays. Better to observe social distancing rules and make masks mandatory.

Migrant Workers waiting in groups in Urwa Stores to be picked up for work-This is where the Virus spreads & Not at Night

The curfew decision made by CM Bommai has already messed up all the plans made by people, like wedding receptions or any other grand function. Is this night curfew to stop the night fun of the young revellers who socialize at the watering holes, lounges or pubs? Probably Yes! Why even these restrictions at night time, when during the day people are happily roaming around with no face masks and no social distancing whatsoever. This is crazy and dumb. So anyways all you revellers out there don’t let these restrictions bother you, just go ahead and have a BIG time, but under Covid-19/Omicron precautions. Since the law restricts parties until 10 pm, after which continue your bash at your homes or apartments.

Team Mangalorean asked a few citizens their opinion on Night Curfew, and many said that night curfew will have a little role in controlling the rising number of COVID-19 and Omicron cases. They attributed this spike to a lack of adherence to mask-wearing, hand hygiene and social distancing rules. They are of the view that night curfew won’t help in breaking the transmission chain but it might slow down transmission, adding that there is an urgent need to shift the focus on vaccination and ensuring that people are wearing masks, maintaining hand hygiene and social distancing norms are not flouted. Many suggested that provision to impose a hefty fine on Covid-19 rules violators must continue, which could control the spread of the virus, than imposing night curfew which is useless.

A professor at a local college said that night curfew measures can help partially but not wholly help in controlling the rising number of cases, adding that a wider coverage of vaccination and RT-PCR tests could be critical in containing the cases. More focus should be given to daytime activities, especially in crowded areas like markets and enclosures such as malls and cinema halls to check if mask-wearing and social distancing norms are being followed. Imposing only a night curfew of 7-8 hours won’t serve the purpose. It might slow down the transmission chain but it won’t break it. Heavy fines should be imposed on those who aren’t following the guidelines,”

City Cops all set for the Night Curfew Duty: File Photo 2020

A diner at Lounge said, “While Night Curfew is most definitely going to stop people from going out unnecessary and give a signal that they must be careful as the cases are rising, it will not be able to stop community transmission and break the chain. More focus must be on creating awareness about the Virus guidelines – social distancing, wearing masks and sanitizing. Restrictions must be imposed on gatherings and people must adhere to rules, fines must be imposed on those not following COVID/Omicron guidelines. Most of all our politicians should also follow the rules. Implementation of Covid-appropriate behaviour and avoiding crowded places will only give a result”.

A pub & Bar owner said, “We wouldn’t mind the government allowing us to have 50% of guests capacity, which would have been much better than hurting our business with curfew after 10 pm, the time when we have good income. If the government can allow people at malls, cinemas, beaches etc with no restrictions, why only target the hotel industry. While we faced huge losses last year during the holiday season, once again the government is letting us down now with a bunch of crap restrictions”.

Even the National chief secretary of BJP C T Ravi has expressed his disappointment over the implementation of the night curfew in the state. Speaking to reporters in Chikkamagaluru, Ravi said, “I cannot give any justification for the night curfew imposed by the state BJP. Scientists have said that there is no need to be concerned by the Omicron variant of coronavirus. Those who have a nose will get cold. There is no need to get scared of these silly things. The state government should not create panic among citizens for no reason.”

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  1. It is not a joke why can’t people stay indoors at night inspite of warnings. Just visit manipal at night it is equal to day no closure timings for shops, bars, hotels the police officials comes in midnight and force them to close once police vanishes everything open massive crowd whom to blame you only talk of day

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