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Nikhil Advani’s experiment on ‘Katti Batti’ set

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Mumbai, Sep 4 (IANS) Director Nikhil Advani chose to shoot with the cast of “Katti Batti” for the film’s climax in a different manner. He did not give the script of the last 25 minutes of the film!

Talking about his decision, Advani said: “I needed to capture real and natural reactions of the cast in this particular portion. I figured the best way of doing this would be not giving any script or dialogue and not to prepare the actors for this scene. This was only done to bring out the originality of the scene.”

A source said that after learning this, the cast was at first taken aback, but they went ahead with Advani’s advice.

The idea is said to have turned out to be fruitful as Advani got the desired result.

“Katti Batti”, releasing on September 18, stars Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut in a story about live-in relationships.

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