NISA issues safety advisory to schools across India

NISA issues safety advisory to schools across India

New Delhi: National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA) expresses its heartfelt condolence for a precious life lost of a 7-year child at the Ryan International School, Gurugram, Haryana. NISA condemns the incident and so as to curb any further mishaps/incidents of this kind hereby issues ADVISORY to schools across India and they are as under-

The schools have well equipped CCTV surveillance system in all classrooms, corridors, staircases, main gate and strategic areas and have the display of the same surveillance in the Principal’s cabin OR have a dedicated staff to monitor the CCTV’s footages.

A Committee including the Teachers and the PTA be set up and further on the Surveillance Committee consisting of PTA members should carry surprise visits in the schools to check that safety is in order. CCTV functioning be checked on the regular basis.

The schools must carry fire audit and drills for quick and safe evacuation during any untoward contingency.

The students be educated about “Good Touch and Bad Touch”.

The schools shall carry out police verification of drivers and watchman/s from time to time and also conduct various training programs for them and keep watch on their behavioural pattern.

Schools must involve parents and inform them about all the safety precautions taken to make them and their children feel safe at school.

About NISA:

The National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA) is a platform that brings together budget private schools (BPS) from across the country to give them a unified voice to address their concerns about legislations and bye-laws which apply to them and to facilitate quality improvement in schools. As of today, NISA represents over 56,400 schools, from 20 state associations, which cater to the needs of ~9.35 million children at an average of ~250 children per school.

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The schools have been commercialized. It is sad that such a big institution did not bother for separate washrooms for the drivers/conductors. Did not bother to vacate the alcoholic shop close to the school. There is a need to address POCSO in schools, parents and all labour unions i.e. to all so that our children boys and girls will not be the victims. Need to appoint Councillors, nurses, safety officers in huge campus.